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    Brightness control

    Already got it working: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296213-brightness-dsdt-patching/page-4
  2. Hi everyone, I can't get my brightness change working. If my DSDT is unedited, then there is no slider for brightness. If I use the PNFL method, I am getting the brightness slider, but it does not change the actual brightness. The keys are also working, I can see the picture on the screen, which tells the level of your brightness. However the actual brightness does not change. I don't have these methods in my DSDT: _BCL _BCM _BQC How can I solve this? Specs: Clevo W370ST i7 4700MQ Intel HD 4600 OS X 10.9.1 Thanks! PS. I attached my DSDT: BLANCDSDT.dsl.zip
  3. jhorie

    VoodooHDA 2.8.5 for Mavericks (Slice + AnV) (Signed!)

    I also have a KP
  4. jhorie

    BIOS USB Legacy

    Solved it. Needed a modded bios. I used one from prema mod
  5. jhorie

    BIOS USB Legacy

    Hi, I have a BTO-notebook. i7-4700MQ 8 gig ram ssd 250 gb samsung evo mobo: W35xSTQ_370ST BIOS version: 1.00.13 American Megatrends 2.15.1236 KBC/EC Firmware Revision: 1.00.08 GTX765M There is no option for USB Legacy in my bios. Now my questions are. Could I update it? Which version do I need? How can I know it will work? Thank you
  6. Could you share your EFI folder one more time??
  7. jhorie

    Is my laptop compatible?

    It is not possible in my bios
  8. jhorie

    Is my laptop compatible?

    I remember indeed that my graphics card will not work. But how can I turn it off?
  9. Hi, I have a BTO laptop. http://www.bto.eu/bto-x-book-17cl58.html With 8 gb ram. A few months ago, I already tried it, but it has never worked. So my question is: is my hardware compatible? Greets, Jhorie
  10. I don't think the problem is the usb port because I have the same with usb 2.0
  11. Hi, I was following your guide of post 20, but I am stuck at Install and properly setup Chameleon: Number 4 The folders don't exist??? Can you upload it again? Thank you!
  12. Thanks, I will try it right now.
  13. It still doesn't boot, right after this picture it reboots:
  14. There is no fakesmc kext. Where can I get that one? Forgot some graphic kexts, they are all gone now:) Edit: But in Extra/Extensions there is FakeSMC.kext
  15. I deleted all nvda and ati related kexts from system/library/extensions And I have tried those options. Nothing works... Have I missed some kexts?? Does someone has another idea??? Is my notebook compatible?