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  1. HELP! i can't enable AHCI

    on IDE mode ?
  2. HELP! i can't enable AHCI

    @Jabirin, hey, thanks for the tip but, i didn't find what i needed :/ @thecoonnactic, hey thank you so much, btw i already thought of that, so i opened up my pc, looking for the ssds surprise surprise... i found out that it needs a micro adapter or something... not like the usual hard stuff, i looked for it, but no luck finding it. so i had only the modded BIOS option, well i looked very hard but didn't found it :/, pleeeeeeeeeeease i beg u to help me find a solution about the modded BIOS
  3. HELP! i can't enable AHCI

    sorry for the delay, and yes i have the RAID options, but it doesn't help, it's either create a new raid storage, delete, or switch to non raid, i tried all these options and none of them worked :s
  4. HELP! i can't enable AHCI

    hello, first and foremost i am glad to become a new member to this forum wish is the most useful forum about osx86 on the net, anyways, it's been weeks since i'm trying to install osx mountain lion on my vaio vpcz13z9e. i looked very hard, trying to find a solution to enable AHCI mode on my ssds, in the bios (hybrid20 version R3031C3) in don't have any option stating that. i used iAtkos ML2 to install osx but in the disk utility i couldn't find my ssds i have a raid0 256GB please help me i really need it.