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  1. From what I recall, the first OSX came with a pretty nice version of Chess! I think TheBradster covered the useful bits.
  2. Introduce yourself

    Hello, nice to meet you all. I work as a Technician for an Apple Service Provider, but enjoy building systems and look forward to being involved in this community.
  3. [Wanted] Looking For A G5 Case

    If you're still looking I have one available.
  4. New OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    I'd like to order a complete system, but I'd really rather do it through some configuration tool on your website where you can customize it and know exactly what you're getting. So.. I'm certainly rooting for the product and hope it succeeds. I like when anyone challenges the constraints of modern technology and potentially makes Apple mad
  5. Live Streaming Options

    Okay, so I'm tasked with my church's latest audio video upgrade. Part of this is placing a few large flatscreens in the lobby with the purpose of displaying announcements and live streaming the church service. Big project, but what I am here to ask about is the live streaming portion. I am currently planning on using a Mac mini for cheap media server instead of putting more on our Mac pro. I want to put Apple Tvs on each Tv for displaying the announcements and streaming media to various locations in the church. What options exist for live streaming video to an Apple TV? Is there an app that can stream from a live url or something similar?