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  1. daniel_ivanov

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    guys, what about Mavericks?whats going on,is it possible to install now on our devices? read previous page but maybe there are some news
  2. daniel_ivanov

    [10.9 - Installation Troubleshooting]

    here it comes http://rghost.ru/46679945 you are talking about deleting one line?i ve tried it, but still cant pass "choose destination disk"
  3. daniel_ivanov

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Guys,hi. Have a problem with launching airport sharing Has anyone successfully shared wi-fi to iPod/iPhone? Need your help. i installed http://www.osx86.net...ily_ar9285.html Permissions are ok, everything was checked with kext utility and champlist Also I tried to install atheros injector from osx86.com, but still got nothin So, got a message in log "AirPort_AtherosNewma40: Ethernet address 1c:4b:d6:de:39:66 IO80211Controller::dataLinkLayerAttachComplete(): adding AppleEFINVRAM notification IO80211Interface::efiNVRAMPublished(): 16.934402: ATHR: unknown locale: 8283 ... AtherosNewma40P2PInterface::init name <p2p0> role 1 this 0xffffff8006f74000 AtherosNewma40P2PInterface::init() <p2p> role 1 macx_swapon SUCCESS ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out AirPort: Link Down on en1. Reason 1 (Unspecified). en1::IO80211Interface::postMessage bssid changed" From system information about wi-fi card Интерфейсы: en1: Тип карты: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x1A89) Версия прошивки: Atheros 9285: MAC-адрес: 1c:4b:d6:de:39:66 Регион: Unknown Код страны: RU Поддерживаемые каналы: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ------ Mac OS X 10.8.3 Also have a problem with iCloud, it says "got an error from the server...try later", tried to use date and clock settings, turning on time auto-adjusting and setting mine own time zone. and AsusHotkeys, earlier version is not going well with 10.8.3, I think, volume hotkeys still not working. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. daniel_ivanov

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I do not understand, what is a proven method? there are too much methods I can say only that now I am using windows 7 from live-cd and do not have any mac- or hackintosh Please, give me some help) Thanks for your quick answer
  5. daniel_ivanov

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Guys, I'm stuck at installation of 10.8.3, i forgot not to update system in app store, so i cleaned everything and started from the beginning Now I am using preinstalled image of system (.arc) which i extract onto my hard drive. But here is the problem, when I choose to start with 1083, it is loading in very fast way, writing what was loaded. and simply stop at black screen, and after that..silence. hard drive also stops, so there is no activity at all. What is the problem?need your help I cant extract any kexts onto hard drive in transmac, it says "warning:there was an error accessing the end of this volume" What should I do? 1201n,2ghz,2gb ram,256vram
  6. daniel_ivanov

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Guys,hi Need your help, I installed 10.8.2 and now my problem is in apple air port, device is listed in "about this Mac" as air port extreme device (AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x1A89)), but it cant be seen in my network devices in network settings. Question is "How can I share Internet over wi-fi?", what should I do with my device to see it in settings and start wi-fi sharing? I've read this article, used search and still got nothin'. Native device is Atheros 9285, i updated it with files at osx86 site for atheros 9285, but still can't do anything. Please help