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  1. I fix it. I just installed a timemachine backup, everything is working again. Thanks for your help
  2. -s works but fsck changed nothing, still not booting. When I boot with -v it stops at resetting iocatalougue. I let it run for an hour but nothing happend, it is still running and the fan turned up. Found a possible solution http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/271918-fixed-resetting-iocatalog-issue-after-installation-of-lion-l1/ will try it tomorrow
  3. Ok, new Problem: My System wont boot anymore. I dont know why, the last time I powered the machine I removed Java 7, installed Java 6 installed Tekkit (Minecraftmod) shut it down. Today I want to boot but the wheel just keep spinning (the loading indicator under the apple) I let it run for 1h without succes. Savemode isnt working too. Any ideas?
  4. Anyone here who has sleep working with the nvs4200m? With the Intel HD everything is fine, but with the nvs activated the notebook goes to sleep, but is unable to wake up.
  5. Yes, but when I login I have to wait some minutes until they are regonized.
  6. Ok now things are getting strange: when I boot the machine without USB Keyboard, I login via fingerprint after that I need to wait about 5-7 minutes, after that time my internal mouse/keyboard are working. Strange, but ok.
  7. The internal mouse/keyboard won´t work after boot. I replaced the VoodooPS2Controller kext with the new one but nothing changed. I removed the ApplePS2Controller.kext but then I could not use any keyboard and my mouse could not click. I dont have the ThinkpadUltraNav.kext . Now I have the new VoodooPS2Controller.kext and the ApplePS2Controller.kext but still not internal mouse/keyboard without external ones after boot.
  8. That does not work for me :/ Which kext did you replace exactly?
  9. I want to use OSX on the go, so I need to fix this bug: I can only use the Internal mouse/keyboard when I connect a USB keyboard (only mouse is not working) while boot. When I see the login screen, I can remove it and use the Internal one. And in Chameleon the internal ones are working fine without USB. Any ideas? Specs: i5 2520m, nvs4200m, OSX 10.8.3, files from Post #164
  10. I get the fingerprint reader working . Just download here the TrueSuite_5.5.0.5_10.8.dmg install and you have a working fingerprint reader.
  11. @tluck yes, you need a modded bios, but there are good tutorials out there. It is not much more than one mouseclick. The only thing is that my machine beeps sometimes when I start it, but I can just ignore that.
  12. @LostVampire try using the files provided in post #164. That files are working very well for me. My machine is running OSX 10.8.3 . Do you have the nvs4200m or the Intel HD only version? As a wifi card I am using the Dell 1510, its cheap and fast and it has native support.
  13. Anyone here who got the DVI Port running with 10.8.3 on the nvs4200m version? Its the only thing I still need for a perfect Mac. EDIT: I got the nvs4200 running I booted with -nosmp and it is working. Now my Hackbook is Perfekt
  14. They are enabled in the bios. I am using that voodooPS2Comtroller. But I need the mouse/keyboard only while boot. After that I can remove them and use the internal keyboard/mouse. In the chameleon loader I can use the internal ones wirhout any problem.
  15. OK sound is now working, but I have another problem: my Keyboard/mouse (trackpoint+pad) are only working when I have an external USB Keyboard/Mouse connected while boot. And I can boot with nvs4200 enabled but I get a white blanc screen :/