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  1. Alright, I managed to find a fix somewhere in between, The multi-touch works now, And I installed SmootMouse and it helped a lot with the delay, not perfectly but still much better. Thanks for all your help on the guide though! The smoothmouse also gives windows style acceleration and removes all the lag-feel! -For you guys who are having problems with the Wifi, I presume Atheros AR8151 because thats what I had, I spent hours on end trying to fix it and nothing worked. It saves so much time to just change the card (plus its easy as!) -For the boot problems, 1st I had boot0 error and reinstall fixed that, 2nd time round I had all the graphics errors, again a reinstall fixed that... and about the 5th time now everything works like a charm! +1 Cheers for the kext pack, woulda been lost without it
  2. I was gonna say, I had to replace my wifi card to a Atheros AR9285 ($7 on eBay) and now it works without any kexts. This was on a 5830TG Just wondering, Before I install the Elan touchpad drivers, the os allows flawless tap-to-drag and works all with taps etc (no multi-touch) Then when I install the kext, I get multi-touch but cant tap-to-drag and any taps dont register, and clicks take about 3 secs to register :/ Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, just successfully got my Acer TimelineX 5830TG up with iAtkos ML2 but no matter what kext I use I cant seem to get the wifi working (nothing is detected) All the topics i've found, even one specific for my laptop, do not work and only ethernet works :/ Can anyone help me with this?