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  1. Status on 680i boards?

    after countless install attempts with: mac.nub v1r5, kalyway 10.4.10, uphuck 1.4r3i and jas 10.4.8, I've given up. i feel that i've tried everything. my 680i system: 2 sata's for windows, 1 pata for mac, usb-cd, nv7600gt, on an evga 680i latest BIOS (azalia audio, yukon-marvell NICs). instead, i just installed mac.nub onto a AHCI sata on another machine--an asus P5B dlx. leo had problems... sleep/wake, software updater, both cores and all drivers work. install only takes about 10 mins. can't beat that... leo took about an hour and had startup issues... still, thanks for your help guys.
  2. Status on 680i boards?

    can u give me any tips on how did you got your 680i to boot using both cores? i installed using mac.nub latest dvd, using pata on a 680i with an nv7600gt/marvell nic/azalia audio (evga 680i mobo), but can't boot into gui unless i use cpus=1....