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  1. If anyone is still having this issue, try going into winecfg and telling it to run in a virtual desktop window. That fixed the issue for me in Crossover.
  2. Thanks so much, man. Your 71c1 kexts got my x1650 working great! Just in case it helps anyone else with my card, I have a 256MB PCI-E Visiontek x1650 Pro.
  3. Got an invite. Thanks, glufx. If it's not being seeded at another tracker by the time I'm done, I'll put it up somewhere.
  4. Will someone who has it reseed it on another tracker? Either that or could somebody give me an invite so I can do it? Come on, I invented the damn Hackintosh.
  5. If anyone has access to the 8F1111 build, will you please confirm the leak? Attempts by the rest of us on IRC at locating it have been unsuccessful.
  6. From a real Mac to OSx86

    use the rm command
  7. Build Your Own Mac for $199

    Yep. MMORPG-Net. Yes. Everything is supported.