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  1. xj0hnx

    Having issue with HDD

    I think it sees the drive, but all it tells me is that it passed, not any help getting into it. And it's telling me that my other storage drive is failing Reallocated Bad Sectors or something.
  2. Reinstalled tonight, too many problems with last install. Anyway, before I reinstalled I made a Carbon Copy of my drive, which I can boot from as a backup. My question is, can I just copy applications from my backed up apps folder to my new install folder? Specifically I am wondering about Parallels. It's not like Windows where tehy have to be registered in the registry when they are installed right?
  3. Thank you for crushing my dreams lol, I was hoping for an nice easy fix.
  4. I don't have an answer to your problem, but I think I know where your problem is .... Have you been banned from tony'ssac yet for mentioning AMD? From what I understand tm's tools do not support AMD, and will not play right with it. I honestly wish I had more for you, but this is one of the reasons I haven't converted my AMD laptop yet, I ma still reading about the proper tools from here.
  5. So the other day I got a virgin copy of Lion, and was going to start researching how to upgrade from Snow Leopard, well, after a few days of not sleeping, and running around town like a mad man running errands last night I was reading a post somewhere with someone asking about upgrading, and if it would mess with their files, and the responses were that it would be fine, and it wouldn't. So a very dim light bulb sparked in my head, and I thought "self, lets try it!!!" So I did, completely forgetting that you have to trick OS X into running on PC hardware I started the upgrade, it started, did it's thing, and then wanted to reboot, so I did, and voila!! Bootmgr missing press cntl+atl+del to restart grrrrr. So I used the "Tool that shall not be named" to boot back in, and look around, found the install for Lion, and deleted it, tried again, same thing, booted back in and reinstalled Chimera, popped the disc out, and rebooted, and it hung, ahhh, let's try again with "-v", and here is were I am now .... So I am guessing reinstalling Chimera placed another link to mach_kernel and the machine is confused, but where are they, and which one do I delete?
  6. So far up they are marketing toothpicks.
  7. Yip, same here. I was literally clueless when it came to OS X, I found a Youtube video, and the guy used his tools, and made an awesome, easy to follow how to install video that explained everything. Unfortunately I didn't realize they had sticks so far up their asses when it came to anything outside of their little world.
  8. xj0hnx

    Having issue with HDD

    Unfortunately I don't have Windows running anymore can I run it from Parallels?
  9. xj0hnx

    New! Pandora's Box Beta is Out

    It didn't even try, just popped up a message saying it didn't work with this version
  10. Original issue sort of fixed, well, it's evolving, I'll have to see if it remains after a couple reboots. I have a HDD in my machine that was working when I first installed, but at some point shortly there after it stopped mounting. In y previous install of SL, when I had SL on the Raptor I am using for backups, and Windows was on the SSD I am currently installed on, the drive was seen in Windows no problem, In Disk Utility the HDD is there, but it won't let me do anything with it. I thought it may be how it's formatted or something, but there is another disk that's formatted the same and it works fine. My drives are as follows ... OS Drive - Intel SSD - disk1 (in my last session this was disk0) -- 209.7MB - disk1s1 --239.71GB - disk1s2 - journaled HFS+ - mount point - / Storage Drive I - Seagate HDD - disk0 (was disk1) --1TB - disk0s1 - MBR (Master Boot Record) - USFD_NTFS - mount point - /Volumes/Storage Storage Drive II - Seagate HDD - disk3 (was disk4) --209.7MB - disk3s1 --1.5TB - disk3s2 - GPT - /Volumes/Storage II Backup Drive - Western Digital Raptor - disk2 (was disk3) --209.7MB - disk2s1 --149.7GB - disk2s2 - journaled HFS+ - mount point - /Volumes/Raptor Problem Drive - Western Digital - disk4 (was disk2) --1TB - disk2s1 MBR (Master Boot Record), but doesn't report file system, which should be NTFS. No mount point So as you can see last time I was booted up all the disk were assigned to different disk#'s, is this bad? I would have thought this was a consistent thing. Any ideas why disk4 won't mount now, but can be seen? Thank you, John
  11. ... have any effect on my machine? I have a pretty stable, "happy with it at the moment" install of SL and don't want to mess it up until I am ready, but updating my BIOS may be the solution to a non OS related issue I am having. I wouldn't think it would, but I need to make sure. Thank you
  12. xj0hnx

    New! Pandora's Box Beta is Out

    What is the problem with it on SL? I can try it, but I'd like to know what to look out for, and maybe confirm problem.