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  1. So I formatted the new SSD to GPT and the USB finally booted to clover. Now another problem, at clover menu i added -v -s -x nv_disable=1 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 and it booted to a complete black screen. I tried booting with just -v nv_disable=1, same thing. I used clover configurator and changed SMIOS to iMac 10,1 system definition.
  2. I'm not saying I'm doubting that; obviously its working for many people. I just need help getting the right settings - like is it my BIOS settings, is it my GPU that's conflicting or even the memory ... I don't know. because there's something that's stopping Clover from booting. I also realize the last item "Install Clover Preference Pane" is grayed out on my screen unless I install Clover directly to the computer, but your screenshot shows it's selected even when installing to the USB.
  3. I thought P35DS4 isn't UEFI capable? Just for testing, I used a couple of 2GB USB formatted to MBR instead if GPT i have laying around and just load Clover with different customizations at Clover install, nothing else. I checked off Boot0ss, CloverEFI 64 bit and everything under Driver64. And it worked and booted Clover - but intermittently. Once I shut off the computer and restart again, it won't recognize Clover. This post has the same issue I'm describing. https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/tickets/228/ Black screen, boot1 :/boot 6
  4. I tried different versions of clover and I still can't boot into clover. I can't even see the clover menu it's stuck on a black screen with a cursor. I'm on BIOS F14, could that be an issue? anyone else had the same problem?
  5. Thanks but I just tried that and it’s still stuck on the same blank screen. It displays verifying dmi pool data...6 then it goes to a blank screen with a static cursor on a top left corner
  6. MaLd0n, Please help, I followed your instructions and I can't get anything at all after verifying DMI - it's a blank screen with a cursor. Things I've done: 1. BIOS set to ACHI. Chose USB-HDD as primary boot 2. 16GB USB formatted in Mac OS Extended using GUID (GPT) 3. Created a bootable USB with High Sierra 4. Installed Clover on same USB with Legacy settings: Install Boot0af in MBR, CloverEFI 64bit SATA, EMUVariableUEFI-64, OSXaptioFixDrv 64, PartitionDxe 64. 5. Replaced Clover folder with yours. I have Mavericks now on this system using Chameleon. I'd like to have High Sierra on a new SSD My system: Q9550 GA P35-DS4 V2 GT260 Nvidia THanks for your time