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  1. i don´t understand. my system is ok and as second thing why?? when i can use the original one i don´t need the hack. sleep and everything other runs fine. only hdmi audio don´t runs but thats a other thing. the kernel panic... the picture from my firt post at this topic.... comes from my hardware. i think it was the cpu fan. i have think,i have repaired it because i have lower temperature now. i have checked it in my bios. thx for help, but all fine now...
  2. no i use the original AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext... its a vanilla installation. and now my system runs like before this mysterios kernel panic.
  3. my system runs now like everytime. for all with this kernelpanic (see in the at post before), it comes from hardware. i have plugged all out and in in my pc, after that the system runs like before. no problems. because i have all plugged out and in, i don´t know what kind of bug in my hardware i haved. but i think it was cpu the temperature.
  4. Hello hackmac friends.... i have a problem with my snow leopard installation. i haved a moutain lion installation before and this for a long time. i used it with my hackmac to make music with logic. for a month i have downgraded my system to snow leopard because ML has bug with logic. The installation was very easy and is a vanilla system. all without problems... after a week, sometime stucks at boot. Then i must boot in safemode (-x) and after that i can restart... and normaly boot after that. after 2 weeks i have to do this daily. (i have nothing found on google that will help me... and don´t realy know where i search for) for a week ago.... from one day to another..... a kernel panic..... i don´t have seen this kind of a kernel panic.... and i don´t know what i must search for... or what is happend or what do that.... SOS i came in my system with (-x) but i dont know what to do then.... i have repaired the permissions with disk utility and kext wizard then... but that was only a try.... but that nothing changes. i tryed different chamelons to. my ML installation have the same problem.... i have nothing changed on the day before... or make installations or other things.... i only watched a movie. i hope someone know what is to do.
  5. Hackintosh friert ein

    kann dir nicht mit deinem problem helfen.. :/ aber kann dir sagen das du es nicht neuinstallieren musst nachdem du das board getauscht hast. habe eine festplatte mit einem system, das ich auf meinem sandybridge laptop erstellt habe, auf 4 rechnern und 2 verschiedenen laptops, ohne probleme hochgefahren. (für das system natürlich mit entsprechenden bootflags,) und damits komplett gewesen wäre fehlten natürlich noch ein paar kexte, aber hochfahren war kein thema. und ich geh davon aus das die chipsätze outofbox funzen sollten, sonst würde der tonymac damit nicht werben. müsstest du dich nur um sound und die lan kümmern falls die nicht auch schon outofbox unterstützt wird. lg