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  1. Got it, needed to delete graphic extensions. But now, after installation and after copying Null and FakeSmc, when I want to enter installation throught USB, something lie that comes http://db.tt/OHAJ3l06.
  2. I have passed the installation. But I can't boot to system throught USB. Point 4. Tried with -v -f. And now http://db.tt/OHAJ3l06.
  3. I have copied it. I'm using Macbook Pro 7.1. Copied FakeSmc for SS3. -v, -f and: https://www.dropbox.... 16.44.20.jpg?m It freezes.
  4. Amazing Guide. Thanks. I was following step by step. Windows 7 + VM. When I'm trying to boot, screen becomes black with gray communicate which tells me to restart. After restart use -v command and: https://www.dropbox.... 00.51.00.jpg?m After another restart -f command and Apple logo appeared!. Unfortunately it stays freezed. Another restart + command UseKernelCache=No and again freezed logo. I complete that guide 2 times, 1st with ,,dual boot files" 2nd without. My config: Intel Core i3 - 2310m 4 GB RAM DDR3 http://img96.imagesh...40e3afcec35.png
  5. Hello !. I was following http://www.insanelym...-for-beginners/ to install osx with Windows 7, OS X bootable usb created on VM. When I'm trying to boot from usb screen becomes gray with notiffication which tells me to restart. After restart used -v and that is resoult: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4li62yn6hk7tbe9/2013-03-03%2000.51.00.jpg?m Another restart and command -f. I saw apple logo but freezed after few seconds. Another restart then UseKernelCache=NO and again logo + freeze. Did that tutorial 2 times. 1st time with ,,files for dual boot", 2nd without. The same resoult. My config: Intel Core i3 - 2310m 4gb RAM http://img96.imagesh...<!--NoParse3--> I know that WiFi card is not supported. Have already bought USB. I'm totally green in that.