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  1. I can't search a three letter word here, and wasnt fruitful browsing. I've got a AMD64 Venice setup, running 1 gig (two 512 sticks) of ram, and the deadmoo dd'ed image, unpatched so my SSE3 works. DFI Lanparty NF4 UT Ultra board. Onboard sound works, usb, etc, all but ethernet. About this Mac reads me as having 2 gigs of ram. The seconds I see darwin text when its loading from boot, it clearly reads 1 gig, and system profiler will show 4 out of 6 memory slots filled with 512 sticks. I only have 4 memory slots, and only two of them are filled. Any guesses? Thanks.
  2. When I save that on my PC and zoom in, I can see a great different in the direct save, versus the screenshot. If other people are having it, it could be that the screenshots are bad from poor video support, if screenshots depend on video cards, or that apple has laced the screenshots from the Dev OS with some kind of identifying information.
  3. Has anyone done this to see if its just my setup or all of them, it's bothering me enough that i'm not using my osx86 install until I can figure it out.
  4. The jist. I'm seeing coded patterns in my screenshots. A solid block of color, zoomed in and I can see a repeating pattern. Someone else tell me if they're seeing this. Open an image editor, I'm using Teal. Create a.. say, 500x500 image, fill with cyan, select the center 250x250, crop. save image. Now take a screen shot of just that window (command+control+shift+4 then space to screenshot just one window, then click the color image) Create a new image from that paste. Again, select the center 250x250, crop, save. Compare the two, they're different! I then did the same thing on a friend's powerbook. He gets no noticable "patterns" when the same procedure is followed. Are we seeing a pattern from the screenshot because Apple has screenshots embeded with some kind of data or just because we dont have official drivers? Try it, post if you see it or not and what you are using to get video support so I can see if it's throughtout the OS, or just the generic video drivers. Attached. Left is straight save from Teal, Right is screenshot.