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  1. Kikobeats

    XFX HD7870 on Mavericks

    I have 7870, but dont work with two monitor in DVI (monitor #2 need to remove and connect the cable for activate, lol)
  2. Kikobeats

    Clover General discussion

    is possible to remove Clover and EFI bootloader? for error, have two bootloaders in one hard disk: Chameleon and Clover. I don't like this and want to run in MBR mode. How to? I'm desperate
  3. If I install 10.8.4 AR8161 will work? PS, I have Chameleon booloader. If possible that with chimera AR8151 work in 10.8.2? EDIT: Now, my Ethernet WORK with #####
  4. Don't work in ML 10.8.3 (fresh install)
  5. I don't know If I do anything bard, but I have a KP with Phenom processor
  6. I get a .html file. Do you upload the fil in a .zip ?
  7. Negative. 5450 work nice, but 5770, 5850, 5870 dont work with QE/QI
  8. mmm maybe trying this... but I dont have any idea what I'm saying.
  9. I just updated to 10.8.3 All is OK unless QE/QI Maybe have a kernel problem? PS: I have a 5850 series
  10. I try various framebuffer (Vervet, Duckweed, Kudzu, Uakari) with DSDT injection and AtiRom and differents config and don't work anything.
  11. One question: How I can determinate my Graphics adress using ioregistryexplorer? And one more question: How do AppleHda influence to obtain QE/QI?
  12. Kikobeats

    ATI Video Card Graphics From Existing OS X Kexts

    But with this method have QE/QI? And don't use ATIFramebuffer.kext?
  13. I have DSDT injection for my 5850 following this tutorial My system now recognizes 5800 series (Before 5000 only): This are my kexts: I dont have QE/QI. Do i Need AMDAccelerator.kext for get it?