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  1. Hello Zooble, I came across your post while I was actually seeing if this laptop was hackable as I'm searching for a similar laptop I found this maybe it will help you. http://www.tonymacx86.com/mavericks-laptop-support/120481-dell-xps-15-9530-dual-booting-windows-8-1-mavericks-uefi-2.html
  2. Ibm T60 Iatkos lm2 Boot problem

    In order to help we need as much detailed information as possible, try getting the name of your GPU and other hardware devices, This might help you http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/36764-how-to-tips-for-finding-vendor-and-device-ids/
  3. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    Well after a long fight I was able to do it I installed Snow Leopard What I ended up doing was installing the Hazard 10.6 distro without any options then installing the Iatkos S3 v2 with a few options (i cant remember them atm) the installation didnt completed however the bar was full for about 3 hours before I finally quit the installer and decided hey why not try it. After getting stuck on Waiting for Dsmos again and knowing how to fix that I booted using the nawmod CD and without any tags and it booted. Obviously this is a huge step in the right direction now I have to figure out: Not Working: Display / Graphics Card - GMA 900 Sound - SigmaTel STAC9200 CD Drive wont eject but reads the disc thats currently in the drive. Working: Ethernet Wireless (using a Airlink Wireless Adapter) ToiuchPad Keyboard Havent tired Card Reader Firewire *dont really care about these maybe the card reader but have a usb I can use if all else fails So for the Graphics Card I found these threads http://www.insanelym...1068-on-gma900/ http://www.insanelym...lip-on-leopard/ http://www.insanelym...ci-for-leopard/ So hopefully I'll be able to figure it out Sound I have heard that Voodoo works better than AppleHDA in my case with the SigmaTel STAC9200 which would be better to use? I'll report my findings as I go .
  4. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    So after doing a bit more research I tried something different i was using the Chameleon 2.1 boot CD to boot into SL with the tags -x -v arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=No but I would get stuck at the error above. So what I did was change the boot cd, I tried both the ##### CD and the Nawcom Mod CD and below are the results. *Note: The reason I am using the BootCD as I have Windows XP on the same drive with Macdrive so that I edit and change the files on the SL partition however when I installed SL it did not install the bootloader correctly so the PC boots into XP hence the use of the bootCds. ##### This one pointed out a number of panic errors SleepEnabler and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement I removed the SleepEnabler and founded a updated version of CPUPower as if I removed it I recieved an error that it was missing. However even with that I would get stuck here. Nawmod BootCD I didnt have any panic errors when using this method and whether i use the bootflags I mentioned above or not I get the same results. I noticed that using this method it gives some errors about the ktexts are blacklisted I can only assume since the installer adds these files on its own and the fact that I dont have any of the hardware for these kexts is the reason for the error. If you notice that its mentions the Intel950, Geoforce etc I have also removed what I found are ktext related to ATI video drivers so hopefully that will help. I'll report back on my findings.
  5. Newbie yet determined to learn/Dell Inspiron E1505

    Great to hear that you were able to get this to work, however if you dont mind would you post what you did what ktext you used etc that way we can document it and if someone else comes with the same setup as you they can get started as well. Just a thought
  6. Newbie yet determined to learn/Dell Inspiron E1505

    When you boot with nothing but the Distro CD did you get the same panic errors?
  7. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    I have an idea I would like to try but need someone's help who has a copy of Snow Leopard installed on their pc already could you send me this file or folder /etc/mach_init.d/dashboardadvisoryd.plist Obviously the version I have is not working and I have checked my install Cds but cant seem to find it I thinking if I replace that file it should bypass the error above right?
  8. Newbie yet determined to learn/Dell Inspiron E1505

    download the program transmac it will allow you to burn .dmg files on PC.
  9. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    After being a few days away I attempted more work on this and made some headway so I was able to get the Dsmos error fixed I put a copy of FakeSMC in both the /E/E and S/L/E then I discovered that the dsmos.kext was totally missing. After finding one from my successful previous attempt and putting it in S/L/E I was able to get past the error. Then I was presented with another error an panic error dealing with the apple.iokit.IOATAFamily kext I was able to figure that out by removing and updating the kext and got past that hurdle. Now this is where I am stuck at It gets stuck here at: launchtl : Please Convert the following to launchd : /etc/mach_init.d/dashboardadvisoryd.plist So far I have attempted basis on research fsck -fy mount -uw / autodiskmount -va diskutil repairPermissions / and trying to use the DU on the install disk to repair the permissions but still to no avail. Getting Closer I hope
  10. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    So after taking a break I decided to keep at it and I found this on this site that deals with the waiting on dsmos issue http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/278692-i-am-getting-stuck-at-waiting-for-dsmos-or-dsmos-has-arrived/ So I am going to see if I can go ahead and try the install again which I know will complete then try to find the new Fakesmc,kext and copy it to S/L/E either by using macdrive or find a terminal command to copy it from the thumb drive.
  11. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    Heres what I have done the last day and took pictures to help illustrate after a format and clean install and only selecting the Chameleon bootloader PCEFI 10.5 option this is what I recieved with the flags used: Attempt #1: -f -v Attempt #2: -v -x Attempt #3: -s Attempt #4: -x -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No arch=i386 *Edit found a better picture of the installer options
  12. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    From my understanding from the installer by default it installs these as noted in a few posts above. I only selected myself the two above (Bootloader and Fakesmc) List of the kext's included in standard installation: AHCIPortInjector AppleACPIPS2Nub AppleATIATA AppleIntelGMA950 Fixed AppleIntelGMAX3100FB Fixed AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer Fixed AppleIntelPIIXATA AppleNForceATA ApplePS2Controller AppleVIAATA ATAPortInjector AttansicL1eEthernet Disabler EvOreboot Fakesmc Intel82566MM IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector IOATAFamily Fixed IOPCIFamily Fixed JMicronATA Fixed LegacyJMB36xSATA nForceLAN NullCPUPowerManagement OpenHaltRestart PlatformUUID RealtekR1000SL Sleepenabler SuperNForceATA SuperVIAATA VoodooHDA List of the Tools and Software included in standard installation: AppCleaner BetterZip Colloquy Disk Order EFIStudio IORegistryExplorer Kext Utility OSX86Tools Pacifist PPFMaster Property List Editor Smultron StuffIt Expander uTorrent So far I see no way of unchecking these as there is no option for them in the installer. Also I do format the drive each time that I attempt this that way its a clean install each time I apologize if I wasnt clear about that. Something I just noticed it says that it installs FakeSmc in the standard installation perhaps if I dont select either in the DSMOS or Fakesmc in the extra options it will work. Although I think the reason I was experimenting with the other options because it gave me that Waiting on DSMOS error but I'll test to be sure
  13. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    Here are the results from your suggestion * On this install only options that were selected were the Chameleon RC3 PCEFI 10.5 and Fakesmc
  14. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    I will admit you lost me with GE=No Do you mean as a flag like when you would input -x or -v etc? Or by pressing down and selecting Boot Single User? Ok I'll give that a shot and report back. Thanks
  15. Installing SL on Dell 630M

    Thats what I thought initially as well but after everything I tried and after one of the other users mentioning it wouldnt work I concluded maybe I need to focus on trying to get SL to work which as you can see has take a lot of effort. No im currently using a test drive a 40GB HD to install SL I have put the Mutli-boot HD to the side for now. I was able to successfully install 10.5.6 using the iDeneb disk and even upgrade to 10.5.8 with the combo update on the mutliboot HD before. On this particular HD (40GB) I have also had no trouble at all installing Leopard using the same iDeneb disk however when using the ModCD method + Retail CD (10.6.3) I have had no such luck it will always freeze at the installing MAC OSX screen. So for SL using the 40GB HD I have used it for nothing but the installation of SL and it has been formatted in the DU for GUID and right now Im stuck at the error above *Waiting for DSMOS* using the Hazard distro disk. I cant figure out why the other methods will not work tho. Thanks for the input eep357 Got ya sorry about that no worries tho.