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  1. BlackFlux

    System Profiler Crash

    I used the profiler fix in post #3 from the following thread. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=profiler
  2. How do you know what kernel you are running? Never mind and just in case someone else needed to know. open the termianl to check the kernel version type uname -a
  3. BlackFlux

    System Profiler Crash

    As soon as I try to load System Profiler it crashes and gives me the "The Application System Profiler quit unexpectly" error. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?
  4. BlackFlux

    Dual Booting Kalyway 10.5.1 and XP

    Any suggestions?
  5. I am getting ready to install Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 Intel SSE2/SSE3. I currently have a 2 partituin dual boot setup with XP and 10.4.9 using Acronis OS Selector. I wanted to check with you guys before I F something up because I am confused as to how I can install over my 10.4.9 partition without erasing my XP partition. What options and I supposed to select once I install?
  6. I tried upgrading, after it asked me to restart my laptop it just boots back to desktop. I think it's supposed to upgrade, but it just boots back to the desktop. What are steps to upgrading from Tiger to Leopard?
  7. I put the the DVD - Wait "Press any key to install Mac OS X, or press F8 to enter startup options." - I press any key I see a lot of text scrolling down the screen and then my laptop reboots Then I see the "Press any key to install Mac OS X, or press F8 to enter startup options" screen again and it freezes at this point Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. BlackFlux

    nVidia, Titan et all + keymaps

    I have the exact same video card in my Toshiba M200 and I have yet to get CI/QE support. From what I can tell there are 2 different models for Geforce FX Go 5200 cards. One has the vendor ID (0x032810de) and the other (0x032410de). People have been able to get (0x032410de) to work with full CI/QE support. I have managed to get full resolution support on my (0x032810de) with MacVidia_beta2_1_installer. I hope that helps and if you figure something out, please post results.
  9. BlackFlux

    Laptop Display black

    Some people have successfully be able to get their NVidia GeForce FX Go5200 video cards to work correctly using NVidiaEFI 1.0.2 from macvidia.com. I've tried it out but it didn't work for me, though I suspect I didn't do something right. Could all so be the Toshiba screens because it seems that people are able to get those cards to work with other laptop manufactures. Actually the problem is people not posting how they got it to work.
  10. I noticed that this is for kernel update 8.9.1, however, in #1049 it's 8.9.4. Does it matter which kernel I update to?
  11. I updated to 10.4.9 but I got a kernel panic after I updated the kernel. I looked at the instructions and I was wondering how do I restore the old kernel, but wasn't able to follow. Am I supposed to do that from the install DVD or from -s option? sudo -s rm -rf /mach_kernel cp -R /old /mach_kernel
  12. BlackFlux

    TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Hey tamstoker, what is your problem? At first I thought my Toshiba M200 didn't work either but once I playing around with the settings I noticed that the mapping was off. Now the only problem that I have noticed is with Photoshop.
  13. BlackFlux

    MacVidia beta 2 build 1