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  1. andyapple

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hi, I have an Acer F5 573G 7828 with Realtek 8168/8111 and It doesn't work. I am using Sierra. Can you help me? Thanks
  2. I have try all but nothing. If i do a clean installation with Myhack, can you tell me step by step how can boot without usb and how solve intel 3000 ? I have all the other kext without Internet and USB 3.0. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH
  3. Good Morning dear Pimentel. I have read your guide but my bios have not Secure Boot and i can not add new boot option. What can i do ? Thank you very much
  4. Hey my friend he says No bootable device . I did all your step with Clover 32 bit. Now i go, but if you can we can do this tomorrow. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH MY FRIEND. Good night to you and your family. Andyapple. Thanks!
  5. I have try to deselect CloverEFI but when i deselect CloverEFI 64 bit he automatic select Clover 32 EFI. I'm using Clover EFI V2 THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH
  6. In Clover Installation i Have select only in Bootloader Don't update sector MBR and PBR (default set) in CloverEFI i have select CloverEFI 64-bit SATA Install Preferences Panel. I have NOT checked UEFI Clover. Is all ok ? Thanks
  7. Hey Pimentel i did all the steps but nothing. He says No bootable device. What can I do?
  8. it is NOT UEFI. I'm sure now. how can i solve? Thank you
  9. My mobo has EFI ( i think lol ). I have installed in EFI mode. I have uploaded my config.plist https://www.mediafire.com/?jjw85apg476wpre
  10. Thank you Pimentel. I did all that steps but nothing. At the boot he says no bootable device I can boot only with my hack usb with cpus=1 -f -x -v What can i do? Thank you
  11. hi Maverick, Pimentel,Artur. Sorry, i've lost corret way I tried for two days but no result. can better explain the last step please Now I installed mavericks new, clean version
  12. Thank you Arthur I have insert a EFI string in org.chameleons but in my backup of the kext of the Myhack there is not Intel hd 3000 kext. See post #135 I have insert the command this is the result http://imgur.com/NVbnBuY Thank you
  13. Hi dear Pimentel I have try to put in org.chameleons my resolution and -x but the graphics is not ok. I must do a clean installation? Thank you
  14. Yes i can use Mission Control, chess function but the graphic is like when I have installed without removing kext and i must boot only with -x see the photo how can i solve? Thanks
  15. In the folder of my new my hack usb there aren't HD 3000 control kext What can i do I have apply the EFI String and i have installed all the kext but the graphics is like the first time, is red and i can see only a part of the screen EDIT----- Bar is translucid and it says Intel HD 3000 384 MB but the graphics must be fixed