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  1. how can i replace id with mine? this is my boot.log . i have problems with audio, can't turn off bluetooth . thanks everybody ! boot.log.zip CLOVER.zip
  2. thanks, i will try fix that. . hope this issure is fixed. I have a question , how can i turn off bluetooth on mac?. i open bluetooth in system preferences but button "turn bluetooth off" is hidden.
  3. when using windows , i can turn off my wireless by way switch windows to airplane mode. but some time i press wrong fn+f2 windows is hang @@. hi tw, sound on my mac os not working , i have to using voodoohda and sound is working but hdmi audio not work @@. can you help me fix that, thanks
  4. Dsdt only disable fn+f2 on mac , in windows 8 that not work. when i press fn+f2 windows is hang, i can't turn off wireless on windows. @@
  5. after install maverick on dell vostro 3450 , i was install windows 8 and dual boot. but i can't turn off wireless , when press fn+f2 on windows , windows hang and i must hold power button to power off .
  6. thanks Zprood, it work for me , but fn+f2 not work .
  7. edit plist file in voodoo kext or config.plist , i don'n know which the plist file.
  8. Hi!. thanks for this tutorial , but in my dell vostro 3450 sound, fn function is not working. My board id is 0K8WHD and i was rename 0YW3P2 folder to 0K8WHD but still not working . can you support me fix this issuer . thanks