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    Mac mini and mini atx motherboards

    The Intel NUC board looks interesting for a Mac Mini rebuild. It's 10cm x 10cm with Ivy Bridge and support for 16GB. http://www.logicsupply.com/products/d33217gke?gclid=CLnQ04H407UCFQaznQod-CQAxQ You can also get it with a case at NewEgg...
  2. SleepIT

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    I just got banned as well. It was my first post there, I was thanking the guide creator for his guide and added a short synopsis of what I had to do to get iCloud services working. I made the mistake of mentioning that I had used iATKOS-ML2 for the installation (but have since purchased ML from the App Store) so I got banned for promoting piracy (apparently owning a copy of the operating system you are using is pirating..). I thought the goal of the site was to help users get OSX up on running on non-Apple hardware and to help each other with problems. I also would have expected a warning or something before a permanent ban. It just seems very petty and childish, "It's okay to break the OSX EULA, but only if you use our tools and talk about it our way even if there's a simpler way." Yeah, whatever. After reading some of the forums here at InsanelyMac, the people here seem to have a much broader thought process with the main goal of getting things to work well using the best possible methods and not artificially limiting themselves to certain solutions to problems.