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  1. Same here, card working in 10.12 macOS but can't join any networks on Windows (scanning works fine). The windows event log shows that when trying to join a network it receives no reply from the AP....
  2. After a full week of patching DSDT and finding kexts I have an almost fully working HackBook. It is a HP Pavilion 15-an002nv. I have changed the on-board WiFi (NGFF) to a Dell DW1560, and although it has a single antenna it has excellent signal strength. The problem is that when plugging in HDMI the Built-In display goes black and I can only see on the HDMI monitor (Both displays are detected at that time and I can choose to mirror or not) Removing the HDMI cable doesn't fix the issue and I have not output until reboot. CPU: i5-6200 GPU: Intel HD520 + (DIsabled via DSDT) nVidia GT940M Build: 16D32
  3. DAXGr

    Black screen when plugging HDMI

    Thanks for the reply. I am no stranger to patching Framebuffer structs (for AMD kexts anyway) however I get video output on both outputs, just not simultaneously. Next time this happens I'll take the output of dmesg via ssh. I figured this would be a known issue (Can't be the only one with HP laptop, HD520 + HDMI )
  4. ok that was embarrassing. I thought I had tried layout-id 28. Fixed with layout-id 28.
  5. I'm having the same issue on ALC290 on a HP Pavilion 15 StarWars edition an002nv. Currently have internal speaker out working with AppleALC.kext and layout-id of 3 injected via DSDT edit.
  6. DAXGr

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    I have only tested Sierra. I get the same error as your picture. Note that I am using a i7-3820.
  7. DAXGr

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    @crusher I'm having problem booting a 10.12.1 USB install media using the X79-UD3F21-CRU_OZM167X.ROM. Was it ever successful in booting 10.12 or only 10.11?
  8. Hi, I just got a new 2TB WD Caviar Blue drive to mainly keep my files and have Mac OS X on it too. I have it partitioned in MBR with 1 partition of 200GB HFS+ and the remainder a 1.62.. NTFS. I can boot the installer USB just fine and install ML on the 200GB partition but when I install chimera(or chameleon or clover) to it and try to reboot using the new bootloader it hangs at boot0: error and for clover boot0af: error (OR if I install boot0ss, boot0ss: error). The drive's sector size is 512bytes, checked via diskutil and windows fsutil(no 4K advanced format). The drive is connected at Marvell 88SE9172 and previously(with same results) at X79 Sata3 both 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s. Any ideas? EDIT: It really was a 4K drive, note to anyone with this drive: All WD20EAR* drives use 4K advanced format but the firmware emulates 512B sectoring, software will report they are 512B physical sectors, they are NOT!
  9. Doesn't this indicate problem with bootloader? Bootloader loads the kexts into kernel right?
  10. Boot with -v and take a picture when it crashes or use clover to log the boot log
  11. Can you post a picture of boot log?
  12. No problem, glad you worked it out.
  13. Follow the instructions in the 2nd post. What disk do you have?
  14. Are you on a UEFI motherboard? If so, try using clover
  15. DAXGr

    ATI HD 7xxx works natively in MacOs Maverick DP1

    Delete the AMD kexts and boot with -x and GE=No
  16. Have you tried going to sleep and waking after 2 minutes on Grey screen?
  17. Have you tried deleting the kexts for your GPU and then booting with -v -x npci=(whatever you need) cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No ?
  18. DAXGr

    Clover General discussion

    Hi, I am on GA-X79-UD3 latest BETA BIOS F16 which has UEFI rev.2.3.1 and latest Clover as of 1 week ago. My setup is 1 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB on Intel Sata Port 0, and 1 WD 2TB Caviar Blue on a GSATA Port(Marvell 91xx 6G). I use the SSD for Windows only and the 2TB for OS X and data. The drives are all GPT. Disk layout for the WD is Part0: ESP Part1: 2GB Linux Swap Part2: 200GB HFS+ Part3:128MB Unallocated Part4: 1,6 NTFS. My problem is clover can see all my partitions EXCEPT the HFS+ one! Both in UEFI and BIOS mode(boot0->....->cloverx64.efi). It can see NTFS on WD but not HFS+(10.9.0 GM). I don't know what to do, tried with 3 different hfs+ efi drivers, still the same... When booting via Chameleon(leftover from previous install on MBR WD 2TB, stayed there when I converted to GPT) on WD 2TB it can see the Mavericks HD partition. I am clueless now, Any help? I would like to replace the windows 8 efi bootloader with clover to boot everything.
  19. The ATi name has great history behind it, AMD only had Phenom X* and it all went downhill...
  20. Hi, I can't boot to installer gui with my 7970 Dual-X. As soon as it passes the IOBluetoothHCIController "step" it goes to a black screen, as if I had the wrong personality. I use no DSDT for the installer and set GraphicsEnabler=No. If I delete ATI*.kext then it just hangs at IOBluetoothHCIController...
  21. I get a black screen(wrong connector info in kext). I will migrate my card patch and will let you know
  22. Hmm I don't know, maybe the BIOS loads presents different ACPI code or something like that. I agree with you, I dual boot Win8 and 10.8.3 and this would make life so much easier for those BIOS and OSX updates
  23. DAXGr

    ATI HD 7xxx works natively in MacOs Maverick DP1

    Well the same applies to 10.8.3, you you the DSDT to load a proper framebuffer and you use the generic one in the screenshot(7xxx instead of 7970). My system shows 7970 with 10.8.3 with properly patched kext personality and DSDT.
  24. DAXGr

    HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    Well you do get higher performance/USD with the 7950 but nVidia has better support with OSX. Get the 7950 if it has UEFI GOP VBIOS and your mobo can boot clover in UEFI mode else 670 if ease of use means much to you. I would wait though and see how 10.9 plays with both cards.
  25. Remove the 2GB one and get 2 extra 4GB so you can run 12GB in triple-channel. GPU performance will not benefit by much, if at all. If it has thunderbolt and get an external GPU