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  1. If you've got a 915 mobo and GMA900 video, I suggest that you use br0adband and bender12's generic dvd patcher along with the phenix image. using this method i was able to install on my system with no hassles,
  2. RAID can't run osx x86?

    Getting double the performance on a RAID 0 ATA or SATA array sounds like a stretch of the imagination to me. RAID 0 on a Fibre channel array with 6 or more spindles (more drives=better performace if you have the bandwidth) and 128mb of cache might get you that kind of performance. Most likely that isn't going to be on a desktop machine though. I've been working with RAID for over 10 years and have never used RAID 0 on anything other than a test box. Why? Because I like my data... Having to rebuild my computer because Windows is f*cked up is one thing, but at least your data is pretty easily recoverable. With RAID 0 your data is striped across all drives... so losing even one is a big deal.
  3. I thought that I had the Intel HD audio, but its AC'97 (ALC658). That must be why it's working without much effort.
  4. I have a Shuttle SB83G5 and have the same issue with sound. I've got everything else working though, except for the onboard Marvell GB-Ethernet. A cheapo Realtek NIC works great though. I tried getting this box to work with a USB Mouse and keyboard but didn't have any luck. I was rather surprised to find out that a PS/2 mouse and keyboard work great, so I just hooked it up to my KVM. .. Cheers Xen0n
  5. Biostar IDEQ Barebones system...

    You would have better luck with one with an Intel 915 chipset and GMA900 graphics, assuming that you want Quartz Extreme.