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  1. burkett375

    Vector Themes

    That worked, thanks!
  2. burkett375

    Vector Themes

    Sorry, meant to attach a screenshot, too.
  3. burkett375

    Vector Themes

    On Clovy - I have a widescreen monitor (3440x1440), but the background is set for 16:9, so I have black bars on the sides. I have the resolution set in the config.plist and all other themes work with that resolution. Any way to get rid of the black bars? Thanks!
  4. It's a pascal problem. Unplug the power to the video card, use the igpu to install, then once it's all set up, install webdrivers and plug the video card back in.
  5. burkett375

    "Service only ran for 0 seconds"

    Suplemental update didn't help
  6. https://9to5mac.com/2017/10/05/apple-releases-supplementary-update-for-macos-high-sierra-with-various-bug-fixes/ Think this will help with issues getting to the installer?
  7. burkett375

    "Service only ran for 0 seconds"

    having same exact problem. haven't found a solution yet. sorry im not much help.
  8. burkett375

    first boot problem, service only...

    having same problem here
  9. burkett375

    Clover Themes

    Can we get this theme updated for Windows 10 and High Sierra? Thanks!
  10. Out of curiosity, did you upgrade to APFS? or leave it as HFS?
  11. That's the thing...it says that the kext doesn't exist, so I can't edit it. When I try to manually edit, I can't. And I can't change permissions on the file...
  12. Yeah, I'm curious. I can't edit the NVDAStartup.kext for the life of me. The required OS is blank and the app is saying I don't have that kext