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  1. I know, slackers eh! :fishing1:
  2. Alternative install using ###### posted on ###
  3. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Hi Chrisybear How have you got on with this card? Is it working under gm? I just bought the xfx. Thinking about swapping it out now! J
  4. Anybody had issues installing dropbox? I can not get past the setup screen. I wonder what dropbox is checking before running the install. Anyway I can trace this down? J
  5. Thanks Guys. I think main problem was bios was version F7. Updated that and sleep started working. Followed the guides to a T and happy now. Thanks again guys, appreciate the hard work. Regards J
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply .. The board is a GA-EX58-UD5 (rev 1). I've got a 512MB EVGA 9800GTX+ for gpu. I'm going to flash the bios because I think I am on an older version. I'm installing from Leopard, does that make a difference and the script always fails updating boot caches (probably because of os differences)? The only thing I added to the com.apple.boot plist is the gfx string. Is there a way to install the 10.6.4 combo update directly after the main os install and before booting? Cheers J
  7. Hi, I've been re-installing today and just have one issue left. I followed CruiSAr guide. I am using the Voodoo audio kext, only way sound works on my box. I did my initial install (10.6) and everything was working, including sleep. Ran the combo Update to 10.6.4, restarted and clicked sleep, the box sleeps. Bringing it back from sleep results in no signal to screen but the box seems to fire up! I have edited the dsdt from CruiSAr to removed the sound section. I have the following kexts (all in /S/L/E) fakemc Realtek OpenHaltRestart (box would not restart without this) VoodooHDA (I got an error on startup and no sound using the DSDT method, had to remove section from DSDT to get sound) Everything works fine except coming back from sleep .. would the OpenHaltRestart be the cause of this? Any clues? Oh .. I also don't know what my bios version .. what should it be .. I'll check that too. Thanks J
  8. Hi CruiSAr, Awesome guide, going to try it tonite. Just wondering about the booloader. Can I use the stock "AsereBLN_v1.1.9 Bootloader" from DD's script? Awww .. should have looked at DD's script closer .. option is there .. Cheers J
  9. Dude, Did you manage to sort this issue? Regards J
  10. My Bad! Sorry for accusing you! http://viperfx07.blogspot.com/2010/01/tuto...in-windows.html
  11. It's your dodgy copy of Windows 7 (the crack in use). Do a search on google, there is a web page that explains how to get around it. J
  12. I'm a bit of a noob so I used kexthelper to install it. Put it in S/L/E for me. Also fixed the orange drive icons (don't know if anyone else has this problem) via a fix from http://######.com/index.php?option=...2&Itemid=74
  13. Hi Guys, How do you guys back up your installation of osx? I mean I want to back the whole disk partition(s) (inc efi partition) so that if the disk crashes etc I can restore onto a virgin disk and then restore via time machine if required? Cheers J
  14. Well I'm a total noob and I have managed to install os x. I am totally surprised I managed it. I had to buy an extra disk and install IPC on it before going with the Digital Dreamer install which is dead easy when you run it about 10 times... Anyway thanks to the you guys for the help ..