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    Clover Themes

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    Clover Themes

    I found the problem but not the fix. There s an error with the background/screen size size calculation, my banner goes out of screen, even with static images. My banner is working on other themes, so something has changed or is now broken? and my plist relies on it EDIT: If i set Banner NO in other themes, my animated logo goes out of screen
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    Clover Themes

    I don't know, this is the only one i have.Christmas theme is fine
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    Clover Themes

    no banner on clover 4727+ this my plist, it is a modified yosemitelogin theme.plist
  5. Cloud Clover Editor allows you to manage Clover EFI and Ozmosis configs everywhere! WEB Open Cloud Clover Editor APP (MacOS - Discontinued) Clover flying editor ( Micky1979 ) Sources: https://bitbucket.org/kylon/cloud-clover-editor-cce/overview To run CCE at home you will need: An HTTP server (Apache, Nginx, ...) PHP 5.3.3+ (latest PHP version is always recommended for better performances/security) Sqlite3 PHP extension Some Features: Edit text in tables: Editable fields are marked with a text cursor. Double click, or tap and hold, to open the inline editor. You can now press Enter or click outside to save your changes. Working with multiple configs: The right sidebar is your multitasking menu. Use the add button to create a new config and add it to the list. You can safely switch between all your configs, no changes will be lost. You can mix Clover EFI and Ozmosis configs. Config Upgrade feature: In the case you are using old configuration options, CCE gives you the ability to automatically upgrade your config. Copy to: You can copy patches between your configs (you will love this when you need to copy kernel and kext patches ;D ). You will find a yellow copy icon if that field does support the copyTo feature. Ozmosis Mode: A new setting, Cloud Clover Editor Mode, is now added in Cloud Clover Editor -> CCE Settings. This will let you switch from Clover EFI to Ozmosis mode. Changes to your current file will be lost. CCE Bank 2.0: Thanks to @cecekpawon for the idea. CCE Bank is a database where you can save/load Clover EFI and Ozmosis configs. You can protect your config from unwanted modifications or make a publicly editable config. To save a config in CCE Bank you only need to check the "Save to CCE Bank" option. Tick the box generate a new CID, if you don t have one. A CID (CCE ID) acts like a container and it is your authentication key. You can group multiple configs under the same CID or generate as many CIDs as you like. Edit Modes: Public: Anyone can make modifications, only the owner can change its settings. Private: Only the owner can make modifications and change its settings. MyBank: Only the owner can see this config, make modifications or change its settings. MyBank is your private area. Change the 'view mode' to switch between the public bank and your personal bank. To manage your currently loaded config, go to Cloud Clover Editor -> Open config -> click the settings button. Notes: Locked/Private configs are marked with a padlock MyBank configs are only visibile in your private area Only the owner of a locked config can save the modifications in CCE Bank, hower you are free to do whatever you want in CCE and download the modified config If you loose your CID you can just reply or pm me No account is required! Main Features: Left sidebar does support touch swipe on touch devices. No changes will be lost on page reload. Credits mackie100 - took some ideas from his app Clover EFI dev team Eric Slivka - new serial number Virtual1 - new serial number cecekpawon - PHP 5.3.3 patch, , help with the ACPI Loader Mode flag and more Micky1979 - Clover flying editor crusher. - Help with the ACPI Loader Mode flag Download-Fritz - Help with the ACPI Loader Mode flag Pavo - Ozmosis fields and values stehor - Ozmosis fields and values Sherlocks - General help and support gujiangjiang - General help and support Please let me know if i forgot you!
  6. @VasjaPupkin0909 @dzeynako cce updates are online, encoding issues should be gone.
  7. Yeah, the fix is almost ready, no xml errors, its just bad encoding, see above.
  8. About that, i found that some other values are not properly encoded. I m working on a fix but i have 2 exams next month so i ll do this slowly. Sorry I ll reply here as soon as the update is online
  9. @VasjaPupkin0909 Thanks The string was not encoded back to base64 on save so the file was not a valid xml due to invalid characters. The fix is up.
  10. Cloud ACPI Editor Beta 2 (No host atm) Sources: here Cloud ACPI Editor is simple Web Editor to create and edit ACPI tables. You can host it at home and add custom iASL binaries (see README). *This is still a WIP - expect bugs* Feel free to reply if you find broken stuff or you have a question! Working: Create a new file Load .dsl and .aml files Load multiple files Edit files Compile Show compiler output Settings Namespace (Tree) view Syntax Highlight Missing/Issues: Patches Menu (wip) Code is not optimized Other stuff
  11. Patched acpi in acpi/patched are only injected to macOS F4 will dump your oem acpi files
  12. I ve just tried to revert io80211 to 10.13.6 (i don t have 13.4) and it is still not working The patched kext is too old, the injector will work if it can find the kext to patch.
  13. AirportAther40 has been removed in 10.14 (and more) The injector nor the patched kext will work
  14. kylon

    Acer Aspire v5-571PG

    Version 3.0


    ACPI and Clover config for Acer Aspire v5-571PG intel i5-U IvyBridge Not Working: - sd card reader Tested on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Clover EFI 4678 Notes: Somehow boot Clover EFI. You may need to disable UEFI and boot Clover as Legacy with EmuVariable. After that, you should install and boot macOS to install clover as legacy in your EFI partition. Now disable Secure Boot and enable UEFI Mode. (remove EmuVariable) You may need more steps if you are dual-booting with Windows. **To reset your BIOS, power on the pc and hold the power button for about 30-40 seconds or you can short G2101 (RAM SLOT 1)** Feel free to ask for help. You will need: Clover install options: Install in EFI Partition, Install boot0af, Enable OsxAptioFixDrv-64 and script RC Latest Clover config (acerAspirev5-571PG - CCE Bank) from here ATH9KFixup (here) WhateverGreen (here) Rehabman AppleIntelBacklightInjector (here) in L\E + rebuild cache Rehabman Voodoo PS2 Controller (here) Rehabman ACPI Battery Driver (here) vit9696 AppleALC (here) + Lilu (here) Mieze Realtek RTL8111 (here)
  15. Version 4.5


    A big thanks to wegface for teaching me a lot of things. Tested on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Clover EFI 4679 Not Working: - realtek sd card reader (pm me if you have a fix) Notes: **CPU patches are disabled, if you are using a locked BIOS you must enable them** Clover EFI: - Install it in UEFI Mode and change your hdd partition table to GPT. - You will be able to install ANY OS in EFI mode, even if this pc does not support EFI at all! (No guide available for this) You will need: My unlocked BIOS (OPTIONAL) (here) Latest Clover config from CCE Bank (here) (asus k53sj-kylon) Rehabman AppleIntelBacklightInjector (here) in L\E + rebuild cache Rehabman Voodoo PS2 Controller (here) Rehabman ACPI Battery Driver (here) vit9696 AppleALC (here) + Lilu (here) Mieze Realtek RTL8111 (here) FakeSMC 3.5.1 from Clover EFI source
  16. kylon

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    Hi @Hervé How you doing? What is your setup for 10.14 on snb? I m using the mac tool to create the bootable installer for unsupported macs but i ll probably make a vanilla one, it should boot without hwa so that i can replace gfx kexts manually (i think) Are you replacing any other kext? AppleALC has merged the now missing layout ids so vanilla audio kexts? I ve just tried a quick clean install with that tool and the post install patcher (default options), there are few minor issues with both light and dark theme (unless the colors are a bit strange on macs too). A kernel or cpu panic is a must on every first boot xD, it boots fine then. Any advice? Thanks
  17. kylon

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    Builds on github, nice! I tried every build there, now 4677 and it seems to be working The problem is the build on sf and my own build of 4676 (using latest xcode on hs and buildClover script) The 4677 installer is weird, drivers in my efi folder were not selected and there s a new default hpfs driver. What s the difference between this new driver and vboxHpfs? Thanks
  18. kylon

    Clover Problems and Solutions

    My keyboard is still not working on 4676 (if it was supposed to fix these issues) Thanks
  19. kylon

    Clover problems report & features request

    No, i don t need them and i have a bios
  20. kylon

    Clover problems report & features request

    My drivers now DataHubdxe Emuvariable FsInject Smchelper VboxHfs Clover 4658 (it works with fv2 drivers) I don t remember, i disabled every driver that said "for filevault 2" in the installer I don t think the issue is fv2 here
  21. kylon

    Clover problems report & features request

    So, 4674 is broken I removed every fv2 driver and the keyboard is still not working @k0nrad Not working I need to install clover 4658 on top to make my keyboard working again
  22. Hi, Tapatalk login is broken, "Error, try later.." Thanks
  23. kylon

    Clover problems report & features request

    @fusion71au Thanks i ll try, but 4658 is working with these drivers. [mention=1135927]vit9696[/mention] Yeah, but clover should not add problematic drivers by default The default should be needed things to boot on most pcs, you can always add more drivers if you need them... Anyway we will know when i try again
  24. kylon

    Clover problems report & features request

    My keyboard is not working in clover 4674! I can t boot any os. Default drivers + emuVariable (efi drivers, no bios drivers) Was working on 4658, i have an ami bios, laptop.
  25. @ctich Thank you That was the last thing to refactor, it was broken since the last changes. CCE is now using macserial to generate serial numbers I m sure it is way better than my old and buggy code xD