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  1. surely someone has netflix working on an e1505. This has to be the most frustrating thing about this hackintosh, everything else is great.
  2. anyone been able to get netflix working with instant watch. I've got an e1505 haven't been able to get netflix working because of an 8152 error code. Tried several smbios fixes nothing has worked. This hasn't worked with the voodoo kernel or any kernel i've tried from 10.5.5 till 10.5.7. I even tried the new voodoo 2 alpha 3 release. I really can't figure out what the problem might be and the netflix thread on this site hasn't been able to help me. thanks
  3. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    mercury, will the netflix 8152 error be fixed with the new release? Keep up the great work, by the way. peace
  4. Hey GD, Do your speakers turn off when you plug in headphones? I have a similar set up as you and I'm close to perfect. If I could get netflix to work and the sound to come out of headphones only when they're plugged in. As of now I'm using hda patcher in order to get my applehda.kext to get sound at all. Any help, or your codec dump would be awesome. thanks
  5. bulldank, Go into system/library/extensions folder. Right click on system.kext and check the version number. If that number doesn't match the number of your kernel, simply use pacifist to get the system kext which matches the kernel. Backup and trash the existing System.kext and install the new one with osx tools. I had to do this for both my desktop and laptop hackintoshes.
  6. hmm. maybe just a bad download, as i've got it working fine now. As close to perfect as i can get with an x1400. I can get the computer to sleep fine i think. things seem to stop spinning, but I can't get the display to sleep. I've tried various kernels the power kexts from the installer as well as terminal commands. Any ideas?
  7. I have an e1505 inspiron 6400 kalyway 10.5.2 install ati x1400. When I try to run the 1.4 installer to add graphics, sound, trackpad, and power management support. It gets to the point during the install where it should be installing and then tells me that there is no software to install. Any Ideas?
  8. na and av show episode four now available

    episode four is up everyone, come and get it!
  9. this is where i should mention my podcast

    Hello everyone, episode four is available now. thanks for listening. I really feel like this might be the best one yet.
  10. Is anyone else having problems with applications randomly freezing. I have this problem frequently with browsers. I have used camino, firefox and safari and each one of them freezes (spinning beach ball of death) usually at least once a day. They freeze up so bad that I have to repeatedly force quit them in the dock just to get the window to disappear. Once the window is closed the black triangle remains under the application, but I cannot open it or force quit any further. Activities monitor doesn't list the frozen app as a running process. This occasionally happens with itunes, but by and large it's just the browsers. It wouldn't even be that big of a deal if I could completely force quit the program so that I could open it again. Instead I have to try to shut down the computer which results in a frozen blank wallpaper screen with a transparent toolbar at the top and I inevitably have to hold down the power switch to reboot. Anyone else encounter this or have any idea about a solution. Thanks in advance.
  11. this is where i should mention my podcast

    Episode three is now available
  12. na and av show episode four now available

    Episode three is now available for anyone who's interested
  13. Moving to new HDD HELP!

    yeah, you should, they're nice folks over there, I've found them to be incredibly helpful and they do great work.
  14. Moving to new HDD HELP!

    No problem, let me know if it works out for you.