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  1. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    ok just getting back to this, looking for a Wifi abgn or ac with BT4.0 half size card. Would love to have one that works OOB. as i do not have a dsdt. (im lost on that who process)
  2. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    Backlit in windows all the time. Just dont have the fancy underscreen blue led. And ive seen cards with bt4.0 and 802.1abgn dual band out there like atheros ar9462. will the AR9380 Work in windows do you know?
  3. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    G73sw-bst6 Sorry didn't see you asked that earlier. I really would love to use OSX all the time but these are really hanging me up. I would love a better wifi card and if i have to get a new one I would prefer it have bluetooth if at all possible. But i think i need to address the DSDT thing first.
  4. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    I'll continue to use my Alfa for now. Unless you know of a artheros card that has Bluetooth built in that will work with your kext. Also cant get my sleep to work or my backlit keyboard. And dont understand the dsdt thing
  5. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    Of course i have an Intel chip.....
  6. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    Is this Kext for the Wifi for the stock internal card? I have the intel card with Wimax. dont ever use wimax in windows anyway, but would be nice to use the built in wifi instead of my alfa external.
  7. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    Have followed the instructions per the first post. Need help with sleep. it always goes black... and never comes back on. Also, anyone have the issue that installing OSX knocks out USB3 in Windows 7. Doesnt seem to work in OSX Win7 or during boot. Will power the device but not communicate... Please help. Running OSX on second HDD in Asus G73Sw (best buy one) Running InsomniaX right now to keep it from sleeping... Thank you in advance.