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  1. Do you have the mouse problems? Or is it also solved by this package?
  2. Well, it has only 1400x1050 in the list (in the 1400x range), but that may be just because my monitor will not do 1440x900). And you are right, sleep does not work. I had not tested it, sorry. I have no shutdown or reboot issues, though.
  3. Just to add an easy way to install: I used the iDeneb 10.5.5 DVD and chose the GMA950 and ICH extensions and the Azalia Audio in the setup. Everything works, but the mouse has flickering problems. These can be solved by replacing the AppleIntegratedFramework.kext with the one you can find 3 or 4 pages before this post. Everything else seems to work nicely. CORRECTION: I forgot to add that I also had to install the ethernet driver. So maybe it's not that good a starting point after all. Still, it gets you to 10.5.5 right away, so decide what's best for you.