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  1. AMD dual graphics 6950 supported

    Sorry but I haven't windows
  2. AMD dual graphics 6950 supported

    Hi! I'm italian, so sorry for my bad english. I have a MBP retina with ML and pc with these spec: mobo -> asus p6x58d-premium ram -> corsair 24gb ddr3 cpu -> i7 920 hdd -> samsung ssd 830 256gb graph cards: 2x hd 6950 in crossfire. Now, i've installed ML in this pc, replacing the 2x 6950 with a 3870. After this i've found this post and I try to install the kext etc.. for my hd 6950 (I just tried with a single 6950), but when I reboot with GE=yes, always appears the white screen This is the way that I try: - install osx with myhack (3870, ge=no) -> ok - install the 7 kexts in the first post (3870, ge=no) -> ok - replace the graphs card with 1x 6950 ge=no -> ok - reboot and set ge=yes -> white screen I also try installing the Oleg_Tr's patched kexts, but with ge=yes and 6950 installed, appears withe screen Can someone help me pls? Thanks a lot! PS: the openGL viewer show me always "apple software render" with 0mb of graphs memory