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    Mac, and iOS. (duh) My Little Pony, anime, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, potatoes, cats, Adobe Programs, Animation.
  1. So I finally succeeded in installing Mac OSx on my laptop but there is hardly any support for my hardware.

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    Hello, I'm Hunter. I'm 12 year old girl and I love my bf Roy. I like when he fingers me hehehehehe. Just kidding. I'm a guy who hardly takes things seriously except when it is completely, I am a (not) proud AMD user! I do enjoy My Little Pony, but I don't let it run my life. I do have ideas for the OSx86 community, such as a community driven OSx updater patch that takes hardware info, and gives you Apple updates that have been patched to work with your Hackintosh system. Making everything SO MUCH easier. I not only wish to find tutorials, but also learn more about Mac OS, and its hardware that it uses. I hope to get far in this community, because this is the first forum that I signed up for to not just giving a comment, or to download something.