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  1. Αν αλλάξεις στο smbios το Computer Type και το κάνεις MacBook για παράδειγμα, δε θα σου ενεργοποιήσει το Brightness με το F1/F2 ? (Εαν ρυθμιστούν απο Preferences)
  2. Hello there I've been looking for some help for a while now. Search didn't help. I've been trying to install 10.11 on my X58 hackintosh with Clover, with no success. At first, I had the AppleUSBUHCIPCI Kernel Panic, which i solved it by ticking some ACPI settings in the config.plist. After that, I just had no video whatsoever (tried every possibility, my GTX680 just wouldn't work at all, only nv_disable=1 works, which is... Not a solution, plus, sound+Ethernet wasnt working either, even with my Audio and Ethernet kexts installed, which kexts have been working since 10.6) (even booting on my 10.10.5 partition via Clover works, but no video) so I gave up, and went back to my stable 10.10.5 with Chimera. Yesterday, I found that a Chameleon based bootloader (Enoch) supports 10.11 so I said let me give it a try. I prepare my USB with 10.11 and Enoch, (my working apple.chameleon.config.plist, kexts on S/L/E, prepare DSDT.aml(I've been installing OS X like that since 10.8, and everything's ready during/after installation)) and tada! I've got sound, Ethernet, video etc, checked all my devices were working on System Information, so I said, this works like a charm, I'll just update my 10.10.5 partition! (I had to delete kext EvOreboot.kext in order for the installer to boot) Installation goes through perfect, and when I rebooted to the 10.10.5 (which has now been updated to 10.11) I had AppleUSBUHCIPCI Kernel Panic, (which i had solved with Clover by ticking ACPI settings, but now I'm with Enoch) but this time I fixed it by using -f (UseKernelCache=No) I thought maybe the kext cache still has EvOreboot.kext. After booting up I noticed I had no Ethernet or Sound, although I had them in the installer, but I had video, so I said something's wrong with the Kext/Kernel Cache/permissions. Tried to fix them with Kext Wizard/ Kext utility, using terminal commands, booting in safe mode, but nothing solved it, I still have to boot with -f and no sound/Ethernet. I would love to get some help either fixing the UseKernelCache issue, or either fixing my "no video" with Clover issue. This mobo requires PCIRootUID=0, IGPEnabler=Yes and default npci which I don't remember the default value. GraphicsEnabler=Yes, because with No I see 0MB Vram, although still works. Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Intel i7 950 nVidia GTX680 Sound: AD2000b Ethernet: Marvel Yukon 88something, which has been working since 10.7 by modifying the Yukon kext inside the IONetworkingFamily.kext and changing a value. Thanks!
  3. Fans stops to turn when osx boots

    I've got the exact same prob, but even without FakeSMC it's doing it.. The weird thing is that the fan is not pwm, I can't control it at all, it's a 3pin fan! So I assume something is dropping the voltage.. Edit: Removing LPCSensors.kext fixes the issue, but no Fans & Voltages ! Maybe we need to patch this kext?