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  1. Thanks a lot! I have Panic CPU maybe my system is too old? I'm used to have 10.6.8 with some problem really. MB Intel DQ965GF Cpu Intel Core2 duo 6420 2.13Ghz Ram 2GB VB Ati radeon 5450 I tried some chameleon configurations and kext, but after the kext loading i have kernel panic in gui mode, display apple logo and over it text all over the screen and the screen becomes darker every time it rewrite "BSD process name corresponding to current tread: Unknown" Some one have any ideas??? Thank you all!
  2. Hi, i tried lots of combination of kext and flags... i also install a vanilla version from a real mac on my hd, but Chameleon boots selecting the usb or hd system load kext and then... two things happens 1) system reboot continuously 2) i have i panic cpu Any ideas? MB Intel DQ965GF CPU E6440 Intel core 2 duo 2.13GHz Graphics Asus ATI radeon HD 5450 hd sata 0 DVD sata 3 thank you!
  3. Hi every one... i had a good installation and boot of 10.6.8. AppleIntelE1000 for good gigabit ethernet Vooodooohd seems work good Everything is good, except integrate intel card and IDE DVDplayer(not problem for this) I really need help, is there some kext or patch for these. I tried lots, but i had problem on boot or kernel panic... aliab, do you think should be better uprade to ML? thank you everyone