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  1. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Madburg, this bug regarding health status is not related to the unlocker. I did a fresh install of 5.1 before I started with unlocker and hackintosh and have seen this. AFAIR from some research on the web (like here, http://communities.vmware.com/thread/417798?start=0&tstart=0), many others are seeing it too, especially on older whitebox hardware. I understand that you cannot migrate your setup from 5.0 to a fresh install of 5.1 without going through everything manually, but maybe it is worth a try to install 5.1 on another disk just to test your hardware setup in order to confirm that at least a standard setup will work with your hardware?
  2. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Many thanks for the unlocker! ...running ESXi 5.1.0 build 914609.....applied unlocker 1.1.0 Host is Supermicro X8SIL-F with 32GB RAM and XEON L3426 CPU (HT, vt-x, vt-d enabled in BIOS) VM is SL10.6 64bit with 1 vCPU (1 socket, 2 cores), 2GB RAM Installed SL 10.6.3 by booting from DVD.iso (on virtual IDE drive) Also installed combo SL 10.6.8 update and vmware tools. After that, changed vGPU to autodetect and all video-modes showed up. No tweaks for EFI boot or else are needed at all. I am a happy camper! regards, Hominidae
  3. Hello, new noob here with a retail 10.6.3 DVD and a spare W510 (model 4389 with NVIDIA Quattro FX-880M, 2.0GHz i7 and 8GB RAM, running original BIOS 1.45). My google fu brought me here, but I am lost as how to apply the W510 files from the first post and install SL. Is there a straightforward way? The youtube video linked is blocked for me here. I manged to do a basic install with instructions and tools from "you-know-who", but my understanding is that using clover would be "the right way" of doing it. However I could use some help and maybe a pointer (or two) into the right direction. I also don't know if I should/need to downgrade to the BIOS v1.44 and how to do that with linux or dos (don't have windoze in da house...and Lenovo does not provide the flash utility separately) TIA, Hominidae