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  1. Nope, didn't work either, still stuck at resetting IOCatalogue Guess I'll have to reinstall, Damnit
  2. No, I did not, guess I shoulda know that... I will try that in the afternoon
  3. So, I ran into a new problem, now here's what I did: I created a third partition on my HD installed OS X, installed all the kexts etc...Booted fine. Then I made a copy of the /S/L/E folder of this installation to the desktop, then I replaced the Extensions folder on the partition that wasn't booting, it solved the "no interval for . after..." and "still waiting for root device" but now it looks like this: I left it all night running but it just stays there at "Reseting IOCatalogue" HELP!
  4. Oh yeah, sorry MB: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 w/ patched BIOS CPU; Intel Core i5 3570k GPU: GTX 770 8GB G. Skill Sniper Ram 2TB Seagate HDD (Partioned for dual boot windows/OS X)
  5. Hello everyone I have a problem, as the title states I can't boot to Mavericks after using migration assistant to transfer my apps and user account from a external drive with a clone from my old mac mini that is now retiring, the copy process went perfectly, I can access my account, open my apps etc.., but here's the problem: After I reboot my computer I get stuck at "waiting for root device" or "no interval for . after using 800000" and before migration assistant the system was working perfectly, I installed all the kexts and the DSDT, but after rebooting the system after using migration assistant to move my files it just won't boot. So, can you guys help me? Thanks.
  6. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    OK, thank you very much I'll try the 10.7 version when the next bios update comes out.
  7. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hi there CodeRush, I am having some trouble with your utility, every time I try to run it from Terminal I end up receiving a segmentation fault error (11) What am I doing wrong? I followed all the steps on your tutorial, my board is a Asrock Z77 Extreme4 and the UEFI version is 2.80. Please Help