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    Crazy iTunes Problem

    Today I had a folder of about 30 songs that I was going to add to my itunes library. So, I went to "add to library", as I have done hundreds of times before. But, this time when I clicked the folder I wanted to add iTunes did not add it to my library. Instead, it completely erased the folder from my hard drive with no traces anywhere. Anybody have any idea why this would happen?
  2. Justinx89x

    New Leopard "leak" with screen shots

    What is up with the IE icon in the dock??
  3. Justinx89x

    (TRADE) PC for a fully compatible laptop

    If you need osx86 so badly, then why don't you just install it on that computer.
  4. Justinx89x

    Quicktime is a disappointment

    Thanks for the replices. I decided to get "LittleView", as suggested by Quixos. Very nice program!
  5. Justinx89x

    Would the Windows API infect OSX

    I bet if Apple even does decide to do something like this then the windows programs that would be running in OS X will not be running off of the OS X partition anyways. The only way this would even be legally possible is if there is a seperate Windows partition and OS X has a way running the programs from the Windows partition on the Mac. In this case, if a virus did infect the system, then it would infect the Windows filesystem. I can almost guaruntee you that Micro$oft would never allow Apple to run Windows apps nativly off of their own filesystems.
  6. So, I bought my first Mac computer a few weeks ago. Today I tried out quicktime and wanted to view a movie in full screen. Then it says full screen is only available in the pro version. When I saw this I was about to throw my Macbook Pro out the window! How could they charge be $29 just to see my movies in full screen? Those greedy bastards! Well anyways, does anybody have any suggestions to an alternative for Quicktime so I don't have to waste $29 to see my movie in full screen?
  7. Justinx89x

    Graphical Boot

  8. Justinx89x

    Graphical Boot

    When I boot into osx86 10.4.4 it boots up fine. But, while it boots instead of showing the regular graphical Mac OS X boot screen, it shows a bunch of text. Does anybody know how to make it show the graphics instead of the text?
  9. Justinx89x

    Auto HFS Problem

    I am stuck at this part of the darwin installation. After I type in the command "Auto HFS" I recieve this error, "fdisk(17) malloc: *** Deallocation of a pointer not malloced: 0x100010; This could be a double free(), or free() called with the middle of an allocated block; Try setting enviroment variable MallocHelp to see tools to help debug." I tryed installing using a UFS partition on the drive. But after the install the drive will not boot with an error that says something on the lines of, "Cannot boot UFS partition". Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?