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  1. no keyboard no mouse on language screen

    Hello, i m still stuck with the same problem since a week now, and i can't find any solution. please, can someone help me? i ve tried so many things that im lost and i don't know what else can i do now... trying with another bootloader? i ve extracted the dsdt from my motherboard and patched it using the patch for my motherboard, but i dont understand how to use this dsdt.aml with myhack... thanks for your support !
  2. no keyboard no mouse on language screen

    Hi, ifire, i did some progresses : i could install the snow leopard 10.6.3. after the installation, i m asked to reboot. at reboot from hd i have a message from osx "first you have to connect a keyboard" here i m stuck with no mouse and no keyboard. i m still very confused about how everything work all together. at this point of the installation, what do you suggest me to do? how can i do a diagnostic of the install?how to know were is the fail? thanks in advance for your help
  3. no keyboard no mouse on language screen

    hola ifire, i ve downloaded the kexts you sent me, and copied them onto the myhack usb drive, under system,library,Extensions i ve started buy copying first the iousbfamily and masstorage kexts. when i boot from the usb, with -v mode, i got a "AppleRTLE8169Ethernet : probeHardware( ) failed then i enter an infinite loop with "Still waiting for root device" displayed. any idea? do i have to run MyFix after having copied new kexts on the myhack usb drive?
  4. Snow Leopard on Gigabyte Mobos / P55 and H55 /

    Hi, i having several issues while trying to install osx 10.6.8 on my pc. i use the myhack method. once i have boot on the usb drive, i get stuck on the language screen because no mouse no keyboard are detected... how can i try to install manually kexts or an extra folder that i m sure it will be compatible with the hardware? thanks a lot for your answer
  5. no keyboard no mouse on language screen

    hello iFire. i ve tried to copy the kexts you sent me in S/L/E but then the computer freeze and return an error : it doesn t find the iopciFamilly kext... as i ve done many trials, using different kexts downloaded myself, i m gonna re-create my usb installer with myhack, and do a try once the usb installer is done clean ! i keep you posted if the kext you sent me have fix the usb detection problem on mouse and keyboard. thanks a lot !
  6. Hello from spain

    hello ifire, i don t understand, i ve edited my signature but it s still not visible...can you see it??? i m sorry i dont understand how to display my signature, if you can help me that d be great ! many thx !
  7. Hi, This is my first post here on this forum, i hope somewone could help me. I m trying to install 10.6 with myhack on my computer. I m following the steps in order to configure the BIOS (ahci and hpet setup correctly + i ve the usb legacy support enabled). i boot from the myhack usb drive, and once i got on the language screen, i have no mouse and no keyboard (both pluged on usb ports). i ve tried all the usb ports, and it doesn't fix the problem. the strange thing is that the usb flashdrive is recognized, but not the mouse and keyboards. i have tried two others keyboards, and 3 different mouses...it doesnt fix the problem either. here is my config : gigabyte H55m-usb3 (rev 1.0) - socket 1156 - BIOS at f2 version (a bit old i guess...) core intel i5 750 2.66ghz graphic powercolour radeon HD5550 1Go 1x4 Go DDR3 RAM ) kingston 1333 500 Go Seagate Barracuda hard drive where could i find a IOUSBRollback kext to paste it on my usb flashdrive in S/L/E ? i d like to try various solutions before flashing the BIOS to last revision supported by my motherboard (F11). thanks a lot for your help ! and thanks for this website and its community
  8. Hello from spain

    Hi iFire, thanks for your reply. i ve just updated my profile and added my hardware configuration in my signature. i can't access to the 2nd quizz...i ve tried twice to pass it but i failed...i hope i still can try one last time...do you know why i can't access the 2nd quizz??? i m currently running into problems trying to install snow leopard on my pc. i m using myhack method. once i m on the language screen, i got stuck with no mouse and no keyboard responding. my bios is quite out of date (F2 version), so i guess one good start would be to update it, but i m a bit scared to do it, i never flashed a bios before... do you think i could solve my problem without having to update the bios? if i update it, shall i update to the latest version? muchas gracias por tu ayuda ahora voy a leer el guia que me pusiste. pero quiero installar snow leopard, porque en Mountain Lion, mi tarjeta de audio no funciona bien...
  9. Hello from spain

    Hi, i m from france but live in spain. i m a musician and have worked as a sound designer for video game industry during the last 8 years. i m new to the world of hackintosh and i m currently trying to install snow leopard on my config. still pending of passing the 2nd quizz to be able to post in the forum. see you soon