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  1. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    First: Nice proof picture I realized that I had MacbookPro13,2 as Clover Configurator didn't allow me to select MacBookPro13,1. I manually edited the config.plist and now it works perfectly. Sleeping also works now, with the other model name it crashed.
  2. XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Just updated to the 1.7 pack, awesome work @ClaudesTech! Everything is smooth so far. I had a hackintosh on the 12.5" Mi Air before which I sold, and the webcam there worked if I remember correctly. It should a standard UVC device but it doesn't appear in System profiler on the USB bus (and neither does the BT device). Do you think that this could be fixed? Thanks again for the awesome work.
  3. 10.6.3 available via Softwareupdate

    I'd be wary of 10.6.3. There are painful performance drops in OpenGL: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=arti..._1063&num=1. I made the mistake of updating my MBP
  4. Dell Latitude E6500

    Please follow the installation guide for the E6500/E6400 if you have problems: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=134430 Apart from that, you should install VoodooPS2 through the installer, it should fix your problems instantly.
  5. I've been working with this setup now for the last few hours and it seems that Ethernet still isn't completely there. It still stops working after some wake-ups, but still better than nothing. Here is a rough guide. The easy one is the Ethernet: Download the zip file, unzip. Check if you have Intel82566MM.kext in /Extra/Extensions. If you do, thats great, just copy over the kext you downloaded just now and overwrite the file in /Extra/Extensions. Repair permissions with osx86tools or Disk Utility. Reboot. Ethernet should now work after sleep (sometimes?). If there is no Intel82566MM.kext in /Extra/Extensions, install the file with Kext Helper. Reboot. Enjoy. The DSDT is more tricky. I'm not sure about vanilla IOUSBFamily, you might just want to give the DSDT a spin anyway. There is a safety net, so go ahead: Download, unzip. There should be a file called dsdt.aml in /Extra or in / (the absolute root, shows up in Finder's "Go" menu as "Computer"). Rename this file to bdsdt.aml and move it to / (again, "Computer"). Probably requires authorization. Move the downloaded dsdt.aml to the location your original dsdt.aml was in. Reboot. If your OS X installation boots correctly, you should now hopefully have full USB support. If it doesn't boot, tell Chameleon dsdt=/bdsdt.aml and it will boot with your old DSDT. If results wheren't good, delete the DSDT and rename/move your old DSDT to its original position and name. Tell me how it works for you.
  6. I found a combination of various VoodooPS2-kexts that enable 102-key support (i.e. for European keyboards) and also enable edge scrolling for the E6500 trackpad. ZIP attached. I have it in /S/L/E as it didn't really like living in /E/E. Also make sure to delete AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller from /E/E and repair permissions and recreate kext caches. Also you should have a USB mouse and keyboard handy in case something goes wrong. After installation you can work with the native trackpad preference pane to enable scrolling (select two-finger scrolling for that) and also to change the acceleration. @Riddler: Try playing with EasyBCD to get Win7 to boot again. In my experience Windows is incredibly fickle with booting options and dislikes having partitions shifted around, getting actived/deactivated or changing sizes. I could imagine that GRUB has set its own partition to active... I tend to install Windows as the last operating system and then just re-install Chameleon. VoodooPS2Controller_SnowLeopard_E6500_Scrolling.zip
  7. I recompiled dingguijins Intel82566MM driver (http://code.google.com/p/82566mm-osx-driver/) for Snow Leopard, this includes the Power Management fixes done by MercurySquad. The file is attached below. Ethernet works after wake from sleep for me now. I also applied some fixes to the DSDT from ntylonline (excellent guide btw, thanks a lot!). Using vanilla IOUSBFamily from 10.6.2 I can now sleep and wake up again. I have USB2 speeds and no devices are removed after wake-up. The fixes are the usual ones by ApexDE(http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=155345&view=findpost&p=1240686), zhell (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=168014) and Slice (http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=461). My E6500 doesn't have a webcam, so I don't know if this will kill it - feedback welcome. I'm using BIOS Rev 13 on my european model E6500 - don't know if this somehow changes something in the DSDT. Also, I'm using Chameleon RC4, so you might want to try this too. I'll look into native P-states next. On another note, could somebody please post vanilla 10.6.2 IOUSBFamily.kext? Mine doesn't autoload, I have to load it manually, I think I botched the Info.plist I'm also looking for a E6500 compatible Touchpad driver that allows the use of a European keyboard, on my German layout the <> keys are'nt working - help much appreciated. @supbtsup: As I understand it, as long as you aren't using native P-States this is harmless. The info is contained in /Extra/SMBIOS.plist, search on this forum if you want to adapt it. @rschultz101: Yes, I'm using it here, everything working very well. GraphicsEnabler doing a good job, everything seems fluid and nice. Intel82566MM.kext.zip dsdt_E6500_EHCI_UHCI_Fixed_for_sleep.zip
  8. Here is the latest version compiled for Snow Leopard (I haven't tested if the above version for Leopard works under Snow). Intel82566MM.kext.zip
  9. Ich war heute morgen recht überrascht. Die Unix-Zeitschrift freeX hat einen recht ausführlichen Hackintosh-Beitrag (Grundlagen, Retail-Installation, DSDT, ...) und einen über OSX-Grundlagen (Kexts, Kernel, ...). Fand ich beides recht interessant. Hier ist das Inhaltsverzeichnis: Inhaltsverzeichnis Jetzt gibts sogar schon in Zeitschriften Infos über Hackintoshes mit Installationsanleitung!
  10. Deutsches PC-Keyboard-Layout

    Tag zusammen, angehängt mein Layout für ein deutsches PC-Keyboard. Es basiert auf einem Layout, dass ich irgendwo hier im Forum gefunden habe (sorry, kenne den ursprünglichen Autor nicht mehr). Ich hab die ^ und < Tasten vertauscht. Einfach entpacken und nach Library/Keyboard Layouts im persönlichen Ordner kopieren, neu anmelden und in Systemeinstellungen / International als Layout auswählen ("PC-Tastatur, Deutsch"). Ausserdem sollten in Systemeinstellungen / Tastatur der Button unten (auf englisch heissts "Modifier Keys...", habs grad nicht auf deutsch da) noch Option und Command vertauscht werden, damit Altr-Gr auch wirklich Alt ist. Ist für Mac-User etwas ungewohnt, aber dadurch bleibt die PC-Tastaturbelegung erhalten. Danach ist die Windows-Taste die Apfeltaste. obsidian23 PC_DE_Tastaturlayout.zip
  11. [RETAIL GUIDE] ASUS M50SV Notebook

    Hi The King, I am working on a DSDT for the V1S. Could you please upload the unmodified DSDT.aml you based your changes on, so that I can see what fixes you made? At the moment I am still grappling with the _WAK fix, I changed it to look like in your DSDT, but without success. I'm also still looking for the right NVCAP, but with the 8600M it seems to ignore NVCAP from DSDT completely (at least according to ioreg -lw 0). Regards, obsidian23
  12. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    I dunno if it is still of interest but here is an ioreg dump of a MB with a GMA950 0x27a2 versions 0x0003. ioreg.txt
  13. 10.5.2 on s6120?

    I have the same machine. Up to now all Leo DVDs (those being Kaly 10.5.2 and Jas 10.5.4) I tried hung before going into graphical mode. Tiger worked quite well on the little machine, the only issue was that it didn't sleep.
  14. Is there any solution for Ati Xpress 1250?

    For the records: The ID of my X1250 is 1002:791e. It's an Asus/M2A-VM. Will try this method if I can resurrect the installed OSX...
  15. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    Works great here on a Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook 6210D.