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  1. tm81

    ATI HD5830

    hi from reading the forum i yet to understand if anyone has hd5830 working in SL anyone manage to change Restoration past 1024x768 ? Thanks.
  2. hi can this usb wifi work on mac osx, or is there a driver for it?
  3. hi i search in this forum and i didn't find anything is there a driver?
  4. i alos have P5KPL-CM and i need Atheros driver
  5. Clock190 - i have the same problem with my tx2500, let me know if you find something
  6. tm81

    HP TX2500 and Leopard (QE/CI)

    hi is there a solution for ati 3200 hd ?
  7. tm81

    integrated video ATI HD3200

    i also have a 3200hd, any one tested SenVa idea ? is there any solution for the 3200hd ?
  8. tm81

    problem updating to 10.5.5

    hi i have a laptop HP DV6000 my pc boot almost to the end i see the mouse pointer and there is tucked
  9. tm81

    problem updating to 10.5.5

    ok, i take it back i have deleted the AppleIntelCPUpowermanagement kext and my pc dont stack anymore , but it also dont work like it should what do i need to know maybe i need to get an older AppleIntelCPUpowermanagement kext file ?
  10. tm81

    problem updating to 10.5.5

    i tried to delete the AppleIntelCPUpowermanagement kext but it didnt worked
  11. hi i tried to update from 10.4.5 to 10.5.5 throw the apple update in the middle of the update its crashed, and now i get something with kernel see the attached picture anyone knows how to fix it?