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  1. Random Mavericks Crashes

    Could hardware faults be the cause of systematic crashes, ie. a crash exactly 1 minute after booting osx every time, regardless of what I'm doing?
  2. Can't boot off HDD boot-loader, strange text appears

    Sorry to bump an old thread - if anyone else has this issue, it turns out it was chameleon not liking my gpu. Just use a different gpu or install a better bootloader (ie Clover)
  3. Random Mavericks Crashes

    I'm getting a similar problem I think. How frequently do you experience the crashes?
  4. If anyone can help me with this I'd be very grateful! I installed the latest Niresh distro (Mavericks) on my customac. I used all default BIOS (Or UEFI) settings except AHCI on, virtualisation off, and I enabled all legacy support options and disabled intergrated graphics. The distro installed absolutely fine, no arguments needed and no errors. It seems to boot fine too, no flags needed and it boots into the initial set-up screen, where everything seems to work perfectly. It doesn't hang or anything, there are no problems as far as I can tell. Then, about 1 minute into booting the OS (exactly a minute or so every time), it freezes for 2 seconds or so and then reboots the machine. There are no crash logs on reboot. I'm pretty sure it's not my hardware as I've got a Windows 7 install which has worked perfectly for years, and 10.8.3 worked fine with no crashed. Any quick fixes or ideas what the issue could be? Thanks in advance!! ~Luke Extra Info - I've tried virtualisation on, integrated gpu on, hpet on & off; no avail.
  5. Can't boot off HDD boot-loader, strange text appears

    Sure, I'm using a 3570K @ stock, 8GB of Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600Mhz, a Sapphire 7970 Vapor X, and a GIGABYTE Z77-D3H. It all worked flawlessly with 10.8.2 Than you very much for the link, looks like a jackpot, will try now! Cheers, Luke Sorry it took me so long to reply, by the way
  6. Can't boot off HDD boot-loader, strange text appears

    Thanks for the response! Could be, but it doesn't say error anywhere. It says: "Boot0: GPT Boot0: Test Boot0: Test Boot0: Done" which I assume means there were no errors, and then after that there's a bunch of random text. I'll re-upload the image http://i.imgur.com/YinLifL.png EDIT - Oh, and I doubt it's the HDD because the HDD I installed it to is one I salvaged from my old iMac, and formatted in the disk tool in the OSX installer.
  7. Hi all, I just installed iAtkos ML3 (ML 10.8.3) onto my desktop and got it working fine once it's booted. The problem is booting. Using the USB stick I used to install iAtkos, I can use whatever bootloader came with the iAtkos USB stick to boot, and everything works fine (except sleep mode, but I doubt that's relevant). When I try and boot from the bootloader on the HDD I installed OSX on, however, I get this text when trying to boot... I've tried installing other boot loaders to no avail, exactly the same thing each time Any ideas for a fix? All replies are greatly appreciated! Cheers, Luke
  8. Mountain Lion 10.8.2 + 6950 2GB = Bwah... HELP!

    I tried this, assuming it would bypass by dedicated GPU, but for some reason it doesn't. In my BIOS (It's the GIGABYTE UEFI) there are 4 options - Auto, iGPU, PCI, or PEG. PCI & PEG are both for dedicated, iGPU is effectively the integrated - but is associated with VirtuaMVP and stuff, so it still uses my 6950 somehow. Auto mode chooses the best option automatically - obviously the dedicated card. Any other ideas? Thanks Okay will do. How do I fix the perms, with the kext utility? Do I need to add any others before removing them?
  9. Mountain Lion 10.8.2 + 6950 2GB = Bwah... HELP!

    Nope. Thanks for reply, but the GPU actually is supported, just without hardware acceleration in ML yet. I just can't get it working because I haven't got any of the custom kexts and I don't know the method. Hi, I don't quite understand what this would do? My HD4000 works perfectly - it's just the 6950 that's causing problems with OSX. Thanks for reply
  10. Mountain Lion 10.8.2 + 6950 2GB = Bwah... HELP!

    Hi all, I've got a 10.8.2 iAtkos install on my Hackintosh at the moment. It's using... 8GB of Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600Mhz RAM @1.5V 3570K CPU @ standard clocks GIGABYTE Z77-D3H motherboard @ F14 bios (F18 has usb problems, F14 works better) Intel HD 4000 intergrated graphics (currently what I'm using - not happy with performance) Saphire 6950 2GB Dual Fan edition on standard firmware. No unlocked shaders or anything, completely stock. So basically, I've no problems with OSX, it installed fine (I needed to use -x on install and I had to delete a kernel patcher or something from my install USB), and it boots and runs fine with no boot tags necessary. I'm not happy with it though, because at the moment it won't even boot unless I take out my dedicated GPU (the 6950). Once I do that it works fine, but it's annoying having to open my case every time I wanna switch between OSX and Windows. So my question is - how can I use my 6950 with OSX ML? Or at least not have to unplug my GPU each time I boot OSX I've heard that the 6950 does work with ML, but only on genuine macs and not hacktintoshes. On random forums and blogs people are claiming they've got their working - but never explained how. I've been trying to get all the info I can but it's all jumbled and different people are saying different things. Does anybody have anything definitive they can tell me about if/how I can get my card working with OSX? Thanks, Luke