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  1. fun game

    well sorry guys, but I'm in the lead now
  2. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    mine had sse2 and sse3, but no 64-bit
  3. fun game

    ah that's no fun oh I'm in the lead now yay
  4. complete noob here

    ok is there anything like Ndiswrapper for Mac? That way, I could use the provided Windows drivers, just like I'm doing with OpenSuSe
  5. complete noob here

    ok thanks. one more thing though Are there any mac drivers for the WUSB11v4 wireless reciever? because I know that there are some for Windows, and the only way to use them in Linux is by using Ndiswrapper. So I'm gonna need either some drivers or somthing similar to Ndiswrapper for Mac to get internet on here
  6. fun game

    Ok here's a fun game for you all to play The last one to post wins RULES: you can post as many times as you want, just don't post twice in a row ok... now... GO! I'm in the lead!
  7. complete noob here

    all right I have a MacOS x86 disc version 10.4.6 and I want to install it Is my hardware compatible? specs: AMD sempron 3400+ (has sse2 and sse3) 512MB of ram 256MB Ati radeon xpress 200 graphics card 140GB hard disk (135GB for OpenSuSe linux ver.10.2 and 5GB for other stuff, like music) WUSB11v4 Wireless router (it's the only way i get internet on this thing ) if it is, how do i go about installing mac os x86 on here without losing OpenSuSe?
  8. Your favorite *nix GUI

    KDE is really nice, especially with Beryl