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  1. Configuring 2D Clocks (Asus HD7850-DC-1GD5)

    I was wrong. It didn't really do anything. When my pc booted up without a problem, I assumed it worked but the fps for recent games is still low maybe it's not working fully because I have an amd processor?
  2. Configuring 2D Clocks (Asus HD7850-DC-1GD5)

    thanks! for people with the same problem, I just copy pasted all of the codes else rampage wrote and I used 6819 as the device id for asus hd7850 1gb. is there any program that can monitor my gpus temperature? I couldn't find anything
  3. Configuring 2D Clocks (Asus HD7850-DC-1GD5)

    yeah but it can't change 2d clocks. I kind of fixed the problem by using a hdmi to vga converter. the quality should be lower but it isn't really noticeable. I used vbe for overclocking but it doesn't seem to work with os x. With windows I can play WoW with 50-60 fps with ultra settings and 8x multisampling but with os x i can hardly play it around 30-50 fps with medium-high settings and 1x multi-sampling
  4. Hi, I have an hd 7850 video card and it causes horizantal flickering when used with dvi to vga converter. I read somewhere that it's caused by conflicting 2d and 3d clocks, so with windows, I'm able to fix this problem by setting 2d clocks to at least 500 mhz. (with ubuntu the problem doesn't exist untill I install "fglrx" drivers) is there a way to set my 2d clock to 500 mhz using os x?
  5. Alright, I finally did it. with clover it boots up without the deadbeef error. (It must be about GraphicsEnabler, you can probably boot using chameleon by enabling GraphicsEnabler via chameleon wizard) if you install 10.9.3 directly using clover bootloader it will work. for anyone who has 10.9.0, 1) Install os x with clover as the bootloader (if it can't recognize your usb mouse and keyboard, disable InjectUsb (or something like that) from clover boot menu, should be under pci devices 2) Update using 10.9.3 combo update 3) Now you need to replace mach_kernel with another kernel that's compatible with amd processors. (you can find it using google the kernel that has something like 10.9.0/10.9.1/10.9.2/10.9.3 in its title should do the trick) To do this you'll need to use a linux live cd or windows. I used ubuntu and I was able mount the os x drive read/write with these commands 1) sudo apt-get install hfsplus hfsprogs hfsutils 2) mount -o force -t hfsplus /dev/XXX /mnt/ 3) sudo nautilus (use it to replace mach_kernel) after replacing the kernel you must replace the kexts that your kernel requires. (they are in the zip file of the kernel you downloaded) again, replace them using nautilus 4) You need to repair permissions using the disk utility of os x installer usb (or dvd) Done, now hd7850 should work.
  6. Hi, I read that 10.9.3 supports hd7850 fully, then I updated my pc (amd) from 10.9.0 to 10.9.3 so that it could recognize hd7850 graphics card but still, it doesn't. (to update, I backed up s/l/e and used some mach_kernel and replaced the one that update installed and then I replaced all of them with my s/l/e extensions from 10.9...repaired permissions, rebuilt cache with kext wizard...) It still doesn't recognize it and if I don't use graphicsenabler=no command, it gives Addr: 0xdeadbeef, Size: 0x0, File: ati.c, Line: 1772 error with my previous hd6570 video card, everything was awesome. not sure why but football manager worked much better than it did with windows. And os x installation was simple, too Phenom II X4 Processor Asus m5a78lm-lx mainboard Asus HD7850 1GB Graphics Card
  7. Acer Travelmate 5742z Request

    here, I extracted it using linux DSDT.aml.zip
  8. Acer Travelmate 5742z Request

    thanks, I'll try it as soon as I can
  9. Hi everyone, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287133-guide-backlight-brightness-for-intel-80860046-1st-gen-hd-gma-5700mhd/ I get errors when I try to compile after doing all the steps it requires. I get errors even when I try to compile without doing anything. So, I've been trying to find a dsdt patch for this laptop so that I can enable brightness control but I can't find it. (it probably doesn't exist) Acer Travelmate 5742z Intel P6100 processor Intel HD graphics 1st gen. Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset Can somebody help me? mydsdt.zip
  10. (acer travelmate 5742z laptop) thanks to ghost raider and mnothern, I was able to solve the problem (all dsdt errors must be fixed and _SB part in the guide is important to notice.)