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  1. I'm happy to help peolples and share my knowledge. On the XDA-Developer community we work in this way. it is a pleasure to have met a guru of this great forum!
  2. If someone have my same issue (problems with gtx 460, black screen, monitor standby) it's caused by macpro3.1 system. U have to use MacPro5.1 or iMac No need to mod nvidia kexts, full acceleration with stock drivers from ML 10.8.3 (QE/CI/OpenGL/OpenCL/CUDA). No need to mod AGPM.kext for EVGA Gtx 460 (no freezes).
  3. Here are the files: http://d-h.st/rcn i've tried to edit nvidia drivers to add my device id, but same results. I'm thinking that the gpu is working but at startup it uses a too high resolution. My monitor is a syncmaster 943nw, 1400x900x32@60hz. Is It possible??
  4. i've extracted dsdt file and placed in Extra folder. It's loaded at startup, verified. But same problem, the monitor turns on only if i remove all the nvidia geforce kext. Now i'm deleting the single files to see where is the problem. I have an EVGA GTX460 FPB, is it possible that it isn't supported?
  5. I have a problem with an EVGA GTX 460 card. After kernel start i have black screen( monitor goes off) but the system is working(hdd reading, sounds). I can show the screen if i remove all gpu drivers, but in this case i have an unknown graphic card and 1024 resolution. Can someone help me to setup my gtx460 propely?
  6. And if i disconnect raid devices, then when i will reconnect them, will they works? Can i lost raid partition in this way? However, if i install osx on a usb drive, can i solve the problem without disconnect the raid devices? using "rd=DiskX" as boot flag?
  7. Hello, i have an Asus P5n-D nForce 750i motherboard and i tried to install Mountain Lion with the kekst for nforce. The installation is started and completed but i can't boot up after it. I have 2HDD in raid0 with Windows 8 and a standard sata HDD with 2 partitions, one ntfs for storage and one hsf+ where i have installed the OSX. But after installation i can't boot osx because there aren't any bootloader, so i've made a "usb boot disk" with chameleon or chimera and during boot i select my hdd hfs partition with osx installation. With -v -f npci=x2000 PCIRootUID line i can boot until this point....help me please