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  1. How to Birghtness control via keyboard keys

    I have and it works before reinstall.
  2. How to Birghtness control via keyboard keys

    Ok I tried but Fn + Page Up or other command hasn't worked and if you are not to busy can you please answer minor questions ? 1. I try to download some files but insanely mac says that I don't have permisions ... 2. What software do you offer me to fully backup Hackintosh and able to restore it 3. I check that ram usage too high and check that no swap usage used how to fix it ?
  3. Hello. I reinstall my mackintosh into that same version but check that brightness control via key combinations doesn't work. I use this patch (https://github.com/RehabMan/HP-Envy-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/patches/keyboard.txt) that work before reinstall. How I can fix this ?