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  1. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    Wow, when I bought them they had a lot of 5* reviews. I have money to burn but this sucks... Still good ram though... just won't use them in a hackintosh.
  2. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    I'll have to check, honestly haven't rebooted the machine since last summer, and yea that is possible as I did find articles stating they were doing callbacks as Newegg was out for for literally an entire month.
  3. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    I'm not finding anything that it shows it's a failed product, plus I overclocked my ram from 1600 to 2133 without any stability issues. Of course I bought the ram after christmas.
  4. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    I've never had any stability issues so it's not a big deal to me, but the platinum ram just fit the color inside. I bought the PSU mainly to save cash at the time and honestly never had an issue at all, have a 9.2 on the windows rating system which is worthless to be honest. I actually wanted a better PSU at the time but kind of went with price over performance and I wasn't working at the time either. Have you had issues with rosewill or dominator platinum? I've personally had none, they do have a 5 star rating on newegg which I always read reviews before I buy. But since I'm buying a second GTX680 and going to a new motherboard and cpu I will be buying more efficient ram and a power supply but that's way after I either A build the hackintosh pro or buy the 2013 if it ever comes out mac pro.
  5. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    ASROCK X79 EXTREME 9 Intel core i7 3820 quad core sandy bridge e 64 GB 1600MHZ DDR3 Corsair Dominator Platinum Cooler Master Cosmos II case (love it, very easy to work with... just don't have the space for two of them...) Nvidia GTX 680 (reference model as I bought it on launch...very hard to get at the time) Rosewill Lightning 1000W Modular Power Supply ( not a huge fan as it's a pain adding on to especially in a tight space...) And I have Windows 8 loaded onto it (it's nice, just add start8 and forget about metro, never cared for aero to be honest...) I technically want to build the same machine but with compatible parts and thanks for the list of suggestions, except I will be going with xeon instead of a core i7. I will wait until the specs of the 2013 mac pro are released, if I like them I will just buy from apple like I usually do as the price point won't differ that much and actually may save some money and spend on a better sound card. Last mac pro I bought was a G5 and is maxed out at this point, I do want the new imac but may just buy it as a monitor though.
  6. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    Well thank you kind sir, yea after reading reviews on the asus it seems like the best choice for me atm.
  7. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    I'm mostly doing cross platform game dev but need a mac obviously for the platform, I'll get by with 64GB heck I have 64GB in my main PC. I'm looking at two motherboards. http://www.newegg.co...N82E16813131817 http://www.newegg.co...ID=g3kyuofv94qh As for the CPU. http://www.newegg.co...N82E16819117268 even at 2.3GHZ I think it'll be fine and still be better than the current gen Mac PROs. As for the gfx card http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814150632 x2 (It was confirmed as of 10.8.2 that nvidia's 600 series and radeon 7000 series have some support. As for ram http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820233363 $899 for ram.. yikes, may start out at 32GB... As for the case http://www.newegg.co...N82E16811112390 As for the power supply http://www.newegg.co...N82E16817139014 Obviously this is around $3900 without tax and without any ssd and any other hdd, so add another $300 for a 256GB and another $400 for 3 1TB 10,000RPM drives. So yea, $4,000 + tax is a good estimate. I obviously do more than write code, I also edit video work with 3D images and models and I heavily use adobe photoshop and illustrator. However.. I do not have a mac to go and buy the current version of OSX so this may be a problem... I kind of want to use the official dmg instead of iAtkos if possible... Or do you guys recommend just using a vmware image, buy OSX mount and burn to a disk? I wish apple didn't give up physical media... I've built PCs for years but also don't want to run into any issues, you think this setup would work? I'm obvioiusly going to add a secondary sound cound as I never trust onboard audio.
  8. Building a Hackintosh PRO

    I will be building a hackintosh pro but I'm going to wait until summer as I'm currently paying off some bills and I also want to see what the new mac pro update holds in store, are they using the x79 chipset and the new xeons? What I basically want to know is what is the best hardware you can buy for a hackintosh? I have a budget of $5000 so I'm not too worried on price, I juist want to do it right the first time.