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  1. I have a Asus laptop with Windows 7 installed on it. All my hard drive partitions are NTFS. And I've tried writing the ML disk image by UltraISO, Power ISO, VMWare-Mountain Lion using Disk Utility, VMWare-ML using Lion Disk Maker onto my 8gb USB flash drive. I also used MyHack. When I boot from the USB, I get a black screen with a blinking cursor. I tried every method and it doesn't boot properly. I'm using a legit Mac OSX image too. I formatted the USB flash drive to GUID, with Mac OS Journaled. My BIOS has this UEFI toggle too, might that be the problem? Also it can't be a corrupt dmg file because I mounted the flash drive in my virtual machine and the setup screen pops up There's this option to create new boot option manually in BIOS. It requires a path to boot file efi file. Ill try that. But What should I put there? What's the exact path that ML uses to the efi file?
  2. Dual Boot On PC

    So I've downloaded iATKOS L2 and burned it onto a DVD disk. I have 2 partitions, one for Windows 7 system and one for storage. I have not yet created one for Mac OS X. How should I create the new partition so I can dual boot? Using Windows or another tool? Also, is there a tutorial here to dual boot iATKOS L2 on a Windows 7 PC? And if I want to revert/uninstall the dual boot, what are the steps I need to follow? Thanks in advance!