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  1. Thank You.. I installed it but now it get to screen and I can choose my OS but after that it reboots it self. Thanks
  2. Thank You for Reply.... Ok, Mine dosent.......Now I downloaded the newest Chameleon , Do you think that the the problem. Which Chameleon I should be downloading then? because the Files and folder you have in Extra, I dont think I have anything like this.
  3. Thank You for your reply. I tired i didnt work, it is still the same, it restart it self after showing the logo
  4. You know the best way I found is to get a USB sound Card that supports ASIO driver Or It works on ASIO driver Such as Avid. It works great. All you have to do is plug it in install the dmg and there you have the sound. I'm Musician So it was just a coincident that I had Avid USB hardware. It works great. But before you buy make sure it does work on ASIO drivers.
  5. hey Everyone, I'm very new to MAC. But Learning. I donwnloaded the new version of Chameleon. The above post was great by c0rk007hck, I followed the instructions and I was able to exit on the terminal. And after restarting the Desktop it did boot up and I saw like a logo and then restarted again and it is keep happening. The step I didnt take is where exactly I would copy the "theme folder and smbios.plist. Because I dont have "extra" folder. So Where should I copy this now( Should I make the folder my self but then where would I put that folder?) Where do I find Kexts that I would be putting in Extra/EXTENSIONS. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I DONT HAVE ANY EXTRA FOLDER BUT I DO HAVE EXTENSIONS FOLDER IN SYSTEM/LIBRARY. DO you think this Where I will be putting kexts but which one or from where , is it from the Chameleon folder? I have Snow Leopard 10.6.3. This Step: Was not able to do because not having the Extra folder..........----------------------------------------------------------- For Chameleon 2.0 only --------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Copy Themes and smbios.plist to your Extra folder. You can some themes in this forum, as well some smbios files. 11. Finally add any kexts you wish to /Extra/Extensions folder like you usually would. I dont seem to find it any where. Any Help Please Thank You