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  1. XPC General discussion

    Alex, i've tried your MachOPatch3 for Amd5000Controller, and it applied w/out problems.
  2. XPC General discussion

    Can you upload your xpc_smbios.plist?
  3. XPC General discussion

    For me MacBookPro10,3 is working.
  4. XPC General discussion

    You should change the smbios settings to an supported maschine. This is because the original boot.efi checks products upon boot.
  5. XPC General discussion

    Can you upload the fiule for me to test?
  6. XPC General discussion

    After the <plist ..> tag there must be an <dict>. Look my working example for xpc_patcher.plist at http://pastie.org/8081760 For all patches you need, set Apply to 1. If set to 0, the patch will be ignored.
  7. XPC General discussion

    Hi all, new build to d/l and test http://www.file-upload.net/download-7757483/Efildr20.zip.html Pleasse try and post feedback. Thx!
  8. XPC General discussion

    Nice that we can go back to work now Thx to theconnactic, u r welcome. I'm plan to write an HowTo indeed, as well as an Setup Tool (for Windoh's ) to just assist and guide ppl. But that needs some time, as i'm working alone on it... iPhoneTom
  9. XPC General discussion

    Greetings ppl. aschar is authorized to discuss all xpc related stuff here and anywhere else. By the way, it is not that hard to just include from where content were copied no? Must there really >10 posts to discuss an normal way how such things should happen? Have an nice day anyway ppl. iPhoneTom PS: its me for sure. you can verfiy me by email to iphonetom @ efiboot . de or just my forums.