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  1. is it the second screenshot on post 987? it shows 2922 the current booted revision and 3241 for the last installed reversion
  2. Forgive me sir. SCT Install.zip
  3. Is there an editor for Clover? Clover Configurator seems puzzling for me. If none, nevermind. Ill live with it. Here's the log. All Messages.log.zip
  4. But sadly, SCT wasn't good to me. What's your verdict sir? and also my PS above.
  5. I finally made it through! Since I was able to confirm that the EFI partition is writable, I tried to do the plan I devised learning that EFI partition could be mounted. (credits to this thread /yosemite-desktop-guides/144426-how-install-os-x-yosemite-using-clover.html from tonymac) I just copied the whole CLOVER folder from the Clover USB to the EFI directory on EFI partition, as I learned from the commands that the boot manager should be directed to fetch the .efi file from EFI partition. Restarted, then boom! Clover bootloader installed! Now, I finally have a fully functional Hackintosh Inspiron N4110. Thanks sir TimeWalker! Again, PS: Is there anyway to clean up the boot entries in Clover? It got 4 boot options to choose from, and it's kinda dirty to look at.
  6. Boot manager cleaned. I already did, still nothing. Should I try reinstalling the whole yosemite? Is there anything we can do like copy-pasting into the EFI partition? IDK if the EFI is write capable though, I didn't try. Or it should go through installation? EDIT: ALso I found this in System Preferences Might be useful.
  7. Hi sir. I managed to view the contents of the EFI partition with the help of terminal commands. should this be the only file inside EFI? also, on the shell, I was able to rename the SHELL2.efi to Shell64U.efi, then I was able to access 2.0 Shell. But I disobeyed you on the line rm -r BOOT since putting -r gives me invalid parameter. I only entered rm BOOT the next lines of codes were fine. But I did it on fs0, since I can't do it on other fs. 1,GPT was on fs1 though. also, how could I clear the entries on the boot manager? I messed up. Improvement: USB 3.0 now working!
  8. Oh I see.. Yes sir, I will try to make it work. Hopefully.
  9. Hi! Since yesterday, I was trying to make my WLAN + BT working. I started by switching my stock WLAN card, BCM4313 (which is not supported since OS X began), into Atheros ar9285 (technically, AR9285 single-chip 1-stream 11n and AR3011 single-chip Bluetooth in one). Unfortunately, this card causes my USB 2.0 and eSATA ports suffer fluctuations. I wasn't able to address this issue by installing the corresponding drivers for this device. Luckily, I have a friend, a technician, who got a couple of broken laptops. I found this BCM943225 (WiFi only, no BT), took it home and tried. At first I wasn't able to make it work but when I restarted, it finally worked! Now, I finally able to make my hackintosh 88% working, leaving behind bluetooth (1%), boot manager (3%) each and 2 USB 3.0 ports with 8%. - BT is not a big deal to me since I miraculously use it. - Booting without the Clover USB is fine, but nothing compares with the hassle-free booting. - I could use my USB 2.0 and eSATA ports, but every USB port is preferable. I'm on my way reading to make these Renesas USBs 3.0 work. I'm also waiting for my HDD Caddy to arrive. Big thanks to Sir Timewalker75a for the help and guidance to make OS X work on our units. Sir Timewalker75a,
  10. im sorry but there is nothing mounted sir. nevermind, I could boot using the Clover USB drive anyways.
  11. Oh, troubleshooting... I uploaded a video simulating how I created the Clover USB. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qqmvd1i8aq5d7i5/Untitled.mp4 but I think it has nothing to do with it, since I was able to boot. Oh.. Can't install.. I didn't get the next part though. I'm googled on how to mount all HDD partitions (including hidden) but haven't tried it yet, since double-clicking the Mounter app gives me nothing after entering the admin password. I think I'll stick with the Clover USB to boot up.
  12. Fn+F3 only opens the Clover - About. renaming that file - still nothing happens. Question: Since you, sir, clearly stated in the first page that: Is it harmful if I install Clover bootloader in Yosemite for the meantime? Installing clover on boot manager would always be better. I only have one HDD for the meantime, since I haven't bought a disk caddy yet. But I do plan to buy one, a plan of mine long time ago. I am still really looking forward to install Clover on the bootloader.
  13. UEFI Shell 64 sir The one from the UEFI Clover USB. EFI Shell version 2.00 [4660.22136]
  14. Sadly, I encountered a lot of troubles. I have a hard time understanding the technical things here related to UNIX. But I tried to use my common sense and let's see if I'm in the correct path. when entered map fs* I got (shortened) fs0 on blk0 on 1,GPT fs1 on blk1 on 2,GPT fs2 on blk2 on 3,GPT fs3 on blk3 on 4,GPT so I assume the ESP is on 1,GPT which is fs0 and to check, only fs0 and fs1 got the \EFI directory when I tried the rm -r BOOT it replied... rm/del: Unknown flag - '-r' Exit status code: Invalid Parameter I tried rm BOOT it replied... rm/del Cannot find fs0:\EFI\BOOT - Not Found Exit status code: Not Found same as on fs1. I entered ls to see the directory, on fs0 it got apple, and on fs1 it got Clover I tried to proceed on fs1 with this code below since Clover directory is found on it. bcfg is not a recognized command. Now that I even bcfg is not recognized, I could think that I am using the wrong Clover GUI to start with. I'm confused now. Im using the Clover USB to boot, the Clover don't have UI. I can remember I encountered that Clover GUI before, I just can't remember how. Common Sense failed. I AM VERY SORRY.