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    IGHT, my names tyrell, or t-rimez im a rapper/producer/engineer, and a bass freak, i from montreal Canada . and moving back to toronto for music production, SPEC'S are on signature... So my history of hackintosh , started 2 years ago, when my powerbook g4 died, i was so sad it was my first mac.... and then i was looking to fix it and had little success so i googled around and found out that i can install osx on pc. I had alot of amd's in my house so it didnt work , bootloader isuues wtv then one day i hustled a p4 d I got Kalwalke leopard on dvd and ran it, with SUCEES everything working but no s.l But the concept of it working on a pc hardware So recently for xmas i got some cash and invested in my own first hackintosh pc. I regret the gpu. js... sucks Anyways so i built my first ML hackintosh eryything working on 10.8 but im currently at a road block for 10.8.2 ... update.. if i find a solution ill support. so im 16 aswell. i wanna become a producer and i build this baby for that exact reason... i wanted to get a sound card but audio interfaces are more compatible yea thats it..