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  1. Thanks, I found myself. I used vanilla installation and works super well with gtx 970.
  2. Where do I find download application Clover Lenovo ThinkCentre-V7..app. Topic is closed and user Chris not have PM enable.
  3. On the services 100 eur in Romania.
  4. Nope, works OK. Don't mess with the settings. I broke once the laptop.
  5. It is possible to make Siri work on ethernet? When I ask for wether she said to turn on WiFi because she don't no location .
  6. Bizarre, when I installed Windows 10 I need to increase the EFI part to 500mb. You are shore you have 500mb part? I have windows 10 pro.
  7. Nope, on my laptop don't want to work Intel graphics. In the past works very well Maverick, Yosemite. I think it is possessed ). ahmed_ais he did a great job and even tried to help as best he could . Respect!
  8. I downloaded CLOVER folder from page 1. I copied config.plist to desktop from CLOVER folder. I opened with clover configurator and I made o serial number. After that I opened config.plist from EFI partition with plist.editor and copy/paste serials from configurator. I don't understand why config.plist don't have graphics.
  9. Clover folder from efi part. CLOVER.zip
  10. I reinstall on ssd without gtx 970 connected. 1 installed last clover 2 installed kext on S/L/E 3 replace CLOVER folder from EFI partition 4 add serial bios from clover configurator with plist.editor 5 delete from config.plist vdps2, I have smart touch pad Stuck there, see photo.
  11. If I disconnect gtx 970 laptop restart instantly . Restart instantly after I copy it CLOVER folder on EFI. I tried to start from USB, the same problem, restart. Tomorrow I install again and delete nvram like you said. Thanks for helping!
  12. I have the same laptop like you. The single difference is gtx 970. The gtx 970 it is linked via mini pci(Wi-Fi slot). Of course I copied folder CLOVER from page 1. I posted the folder on post where is nvram.
  13. For me is okay that flag. My problem is Intel HD graphics, don't work, only 7mb. Now I installed web drive. I don't know way don't work with your CLOVER folder
  14. File nvram https://ufile.io/8b51 I copied your CLOVER folder on EFI folder to EFI partition, I changed serial with plist.editor and now restart instantly ) That is CLOVER folder after modify. Kext are in S/L/E. CLOVER.zip
  15. Strange, I format hard disk before clean install. Yes, in Yosemite I used web driver for gtx 970.