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  1. Another confirmed customer with phelics12's KEXTs and clover configuration files, thumbs up for the pioneers who have done the legwork for all of us. What I have did differently from phelics12's instructions is, 1) I installed Clover version 1050 on a USB 3.0 drive. Move the phelics12's EFI configurations files to replace the ones on the drive. 2) Turn off CSM in BIOS Setup. Test booting OS X from Clover USB drive. 3) Once there is success in booting, I transferred the files from Clover USB drive to the EFI partition on my internal SSD. 4) Enter the boot entry \EFI\BOOT\BOOT64X.efi for the EFI partition. Remove Clover USB drive. 5) Reboot. Voila! So I did not have to reformat or do any extra hard work. On my SSD, the GPT partition goes like this, 1st partition - 120 MB Clover EFI bootloader 2nd partition - 250MB GRUB EFI bootloader 3rd partition - 10GB Ubuntu Root 4th partition - 10GB Ubuntu Home 5th partition - 60GB Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 My comments, OS X boots blinding fast. My jaws dropped, I just could not comprehend the speed of the thing. It's a whole multitude new league in comparison to a retina MacBookPro. Apple logo screen lasts one second. Sound works alright. Screen is nice and bright. I will be placing Mac apps on external USB 3.0 drives to test the long term reliability of the USB Kext. My gratitude to all of you. BTW, my Mac's spec is as follows, http://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Zenbook-UX32VD-DB71-13-3-Inch-Ultrabook/dp/B00863L2MS Upgraded to 10GB RAM and Plextor M5P 128GB SSD.
  2. phelics12 and 12rithy, I think I get your drift there. Erasing bootloaders is a very foolish move after some thoughts. This unfinished chameleon install is truly not up-to-par. I will see how fast it goes compared to a real retina MacBookPro after the full installation tomorrow. So for this install, INTEL HD4000 is enabled and Nvidia GT620 becomes a "sleeping beauty"?
  3. Thanks, phelics12. I have successfully booted with -x argument. Trackpad not functioning at first, rushed out for a USB mouse..... It looks like your instructions have combined all previous fixes to make a grand finale "Clover" boot. There is one step in the instruction-set I do not completely understand below. - Delete EFI folder from your system disk (or where clover was installed to) to be sure to boot the right partition with EFI folder. Correct me if I am wrong, I gather that "you install clover temporarily" and move its contents to replace the EFI on the OSX partition, afterwards, remove all other bootloaders (windows or GRUB) from the disk? I've already installed Ubuntu 12.10. I am thinking what to do in a dual boot environment with clover as the only bootloader. Hoping for the Hackintosh gurus to lend a hand?
  4. Hello everyone, My last successful attempt at hackintosh scene is OSX 10.5 several years ago. Now I have returned to build another with the U32VD. Thus-far without much luck (MBR format), stuck at Apple logo boot screen. I am currently using OSX 10.8.2 image. I have changed my strategy to follow either Thomas2111 or Pippo guides. If any kind soul is willing to upload the aforementioned file, I truly appreciate the efforts.